Dynamics 365 Manufacturing Vertical

In today’s manufacturing world, everything is more complex: your products, your supply chain, and your customers’ requirements.


Balance multiple business models

Whether you’re process, repetitive, discrete, lean, project, E2O or (like most companies) some combination of these, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has no problem balancing multiple business models in a single instance.

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing gives manufacturing companies real-time visibility into the entire operation – up and down the supply chain and throughout the business ecosystem – from the shop floor to the top floor.

Microsoft Dynamics helps you build more collaborative and profitable partnerships with suppliers, empowers your employees with critical business intelligence and collaborative capabilities, and develop deeper, more responsive relationships with customers. And, it helps you run a more efficient operation – improving quality, reducing waste, and ensuring compliance. All with familiar tools your people already know how to use.

Why Dynamics 365 Manufacturing?

Optimize Operations

Bring agility and efficiency to your operations by following best practices, enforcing right controls and automating processes

Streamline Supply Chain

Accelerate delivery time, reduce costs and simplify buying, warehouse, transportation processed with complete visibility across your supply chain.

Improved Productivity

Make your resources more productivity by providing exception reporting, alerts and actionable data on the go

Keep Track with production management

Easily monitor material & consumption throughout the manufacturing process so that you can track inventory moves and production cost

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