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Unlike conventional traffic counting systems, ShopperValue’s disruptive solution is designed for the store staff, not just the head office.

Store Pulse

Enable your retail team to uncover performance opportunities and quickly address them to grow revenue.


  • Empower stores to detect when there is a performance issue when they can do something about it​
  • Optimize service levels by aligning staff roster with flow of customers​
  • Know where to focus (location, team, messaging, product) to lift a store’s sales


  • Simple and meaningful scorecards that allows your retail team to be on top of performance in real time​
  • Available any time on any device​​
  • Automated performance alerts when a store’s performance deteriorates and needs attention​
  • Industry Benchmark for you to understand how your performance on key events fares against market trends​
  • Smart summaries emailed to key players to keep them informed about trends and exceptions​

Visitor Tracking

Optimize store layout and product placement to maximize product consideration and boost early sales of slow movers to avoid expensive markdowns​.


  • Improve store design by identifying and removing barriers that inhibit smooth flow of visitors and maximize product exposure to customers​
  • Reduce markdowns by acting quickly on slow movers to boost sales by displaying them on hot spots​ ​
  • Conduct A/B testing of formats and fixtures to measure which formats generate more engagement and sales


  • Visualize your retail space with customer heatmaps showing impressions, engagements and Dwell Time
  • Conduct zone analysis to compare different racks on key Visual Merchandising (VM) KPIs including number of impressions, percentage of engagement and Dwell Time)
  • Path Maps to understand how customers navigate key points in the store
  • Works with surveillance infrastructure; no specialized equipment needed​

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