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Harness the power of low-code tools to build custom solutions and stay agile

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Build a Power Movement


Highly engaged community of Athletes, Coaches, Corporate, and technologist.

Training Knowledge

Library of best practices, processes & compliance standards with collaborative learning lessons.

Success Framework

Define and track success with KPIs for measurable business impact.

Brokerage (Architectural)

Select solutions, products, and connectors through optimized licensing and utilization.

Governance Framework

Governance centers to monitor real-time solution utilization, risks and costs.

Automation by the people, for the people

It takes a village to raise a low-code solution creator. The Power Center of Excellence provides a deliberate long-term plan.

Business Organization

Business Organization

Enabling business users in getting started on their journey to build business apps and automations. 

Tech Organization

Tech Organization

Supporting the tech organizations in managing business solutions effectively and empowering a fast-paced business.

Spark. Stabilize.
Scale. Follow the
North Star

The success framework in Power Center of Excellence ensures that a North Star is defined and path is clear during the lifecycle of evolution.

You bring passion. We bring the plan

Accelerated by Power Starter kits

Success Framework

Governance Model

Knowledge Library

Use case Sandboxes

How it works?

Pick one or more use cases

to jump start the program

Lay the foundation of Power

center of excellence

Activate the community with a

knowledge hub and curated sessions

Develop governance strategy

using Power BI and integrated analytics

Business impact assessment

by building minimum viable business solutions

Complete architecture, design, build

using use cases and business process guidance


Modern, scalable, adaptable
industry solutions

global companies

Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, we thrive on building strong relationships and an outstanding reputation. Our aspiration to evolve, innovate and experiment makes us stand out from our competition.

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What is Microsoft Power Platform used for?

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of tools designed to help individuals and organizations build custom business solutions and automate business processes.

With the Microsoft Power Platform, users can build custom solutions tailored to their specific business needs, enabling them to streamline workflows, improve decision-making, and enhance productivity. It is used by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

What is the difference between Power Apps and Power Platform?

Power Apps is a component of the larger Microsoft Power Platform. While Power Apps is a low-code application development platform, the Power Platform encompasses several other tools and services designed to help organizations create custom business solutions. The Power Platform consists of four main components: Power Apps, Power Automate (formerly known as Flow), and Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. These tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to non-technical users, allowing them to build custom applications and automate business processes without writing code.

Can I get a Microsoft Power Platform demo?

Yes, you can request a Microsoft Power Platform demo by visiting the Power Platform website and filling out the “Request a demo” form. A Microsoft representative will then contact you to schedule a demo and discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Additionally, Microsoft provides a wealth of resources for learning about and exploring the Power Platform, including online documentation, tutorials, and community forums. You can also download the Power Platform applications and start building your own solutions using the free trial version.

In addition, you can get in Get in touch with Confiz-your go-to Power Platform partner and schedule a free demo or consultation to pave your path to power progress.

What are the core components of Microsoft Power Platform?

The four core components of Microsoft Power Platform include:

  • Power Apps: A low-code app development platform that allows users to create custom business applications without extensive coding knowledge.
  • Power BI: A data visualization and business intelligence tool that allows users to connect to multiple data sources and create dynamic reports and dashboards.
  • Power Automate: A workflow automation tool allowing users to create automated processes that integrate with other apps and services.
  • Power Virtual Agents: A no-code chatbot development platform that allows users to create intelligent virtual agents to handle customer inquiries and support requests.

Is Power Platform part of Office 365?

Microsoft Power Platform is not a part of Office 365, but it can be integrated with Office 365 and other Microsoft products. Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity tools that includes popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. On the other hand, Power Platform is a separate suite of low-code development tools that enable users to create custom business solutions that integrate with Office 365 applications.

Is Power Platform a CRM?

Power Platform is not a CRM, although it does include capabilities of customer relationship management (CRM), such as the Dynamics 365 CRM application.

Power Platform includes a broader set of applications that can be used to create custom business solutions, such as Power BI for data visualization and analysis, Power Apps for building custom applications, and Power Automate for automating workflows and business processes.

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