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Adapt and innovate by connecting data, processes and people. Use intelligent applications to become agile and prepare your business for the future.

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Combining a portfolio of Intelligent business applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive platform that enables a business to become highly integrated and agile. It brings people, processes, and data together into a cohesive unit.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can focus on what’s truly important: turning data into actionable knowledge that drives successful organizational outcomes.

Accelerate impact and drive efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Drive more revenue by connecting sales and marketing

Build finance and business operation agility

Adapt and thrive with a digital supply chain

Reimagine the way you deliver customer service

Innovate, scale and drive business growth

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Having helped 100+ organizations deploy Dynamics 365 software and solutions, allows us to configure a customized solution, to streamline processes, drive profitability, and reduce complexity.



Our MS Dynamics 365 solution architects partner with your teams to assess your needs, evaluate your current implementation, and provide cutting-edge solutions in the cloud enterprise space.



Beyond implementation, our certified professionals provide 24/7 Microsoft 365 Dynamics support for a smoother and more efficient organizational flow, diagnosing and resolving system issues.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

If we were to give Dynamics 365 overview, it is basically a suite of enterprise-level intelligent cloud-based applications. It breaks down silos between customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning and offers purpose-built applications that seamlessly manage core business processes. The Dynamics 365 suite of applications can be implemented individually or in various combinations and include:

How much will Microsoft Dynamics 365 cost?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing depends on your team size and the license type purchased. Microsoft has allowed its users to pay for only the modules their business actually uses. As a result, the solution’s total cost would vary for each organization. Furthermore, it can be as low as a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 available on-premise?

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is inherently a cloud service, is also available for an on-premises implementation. However, some features/functionalities might not be available in the on-premise version.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to organizations?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables businesses to achieve speed and agility across their organization. With its CRM and ERP capabilities combined, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products can help a company serve its customers better, make decisions based on AI-driven analytics, automate business processes, optimize profits, and experience growth.

How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensed?

The core business applications, namely, Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Customer Insights and field service can be purchased either as a base license or as an attached license(s). The base license is the first application purchased at the standard price, and the attached licenses are the additional applications that might be bought following the base license. 

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