Business Intelligence (BI)
solution for all​

Transforming your organization with the power of data​

35+ Built-in


Present specifically to suit your retail, finance and supply chain needs.


Predefined KPIs

A variety of 200+ KPIs predefined with respect to industry standards and best-practices.


& customizable

Pick-and-choose your own KPIs to build customizable dashboards which are unique to your business setting.


Integration points

Ability to integrate with multiple data sources such as ERP, POS, footfall and attendance systems.

key features

The intelligent analytics hub for your
entire data needs

Power of Microsoft Power BI​

Use the power of Microsoft Power BI with its monthly updates and apps available for iOS and Android.

Contextual dashboards​

Run a holistic and micro-level analysis through 35+ built-in role-based and process-based dashboards.

Collaborative workspaces​

Collaborate with teams through shared workspaces and enhance workforce performance.

Real-time data​

Data updated in real-time to ensure timely problem solving.

Surface actionable problems​

Zoom-in on your KPIs to drill-down to the exact problem areas.

Quick rollout​

Start your business transformation journey in less than 4 weeks.


Connect and digitize the
entire data ecosystem​

High level topology and data flow to bring the right data for the right user at the right time​

Connect and digitize the entire data ecosystem​



Data-driven revolution at Ruba Digital

A powerful business intelligence solution, C-Analytics, introduced to retrieve and transform actionable data insights into visually engaging experiences.

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