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Transformation of Retail Data

Retail business manage incredible amount of information. Every interaction generates a new record and every record is opportunity to learn more about how to make your retail business more efficient and successful.

C-Analytics is the answer to all your information needs. It’s a BI solution for retailers which provide insight to take smart decisions. C-Analytics is built on top of Microsoft Power BI

It provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, where end users can have much better visibility and understanding of business through builtin dash boards but can also create reports and dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on information technology staff or database administrators.

It provides answer to Key aspects of your business.

  • What products are likely to stock out soon? Chain wide? At the Region Level? At the Store Level?
  • Am I carrying too much or too less inventory at my stores?
  • What are my slow moving products? Chain wide? At Region Level? At Store Level?
  • Are there any slow moving products at a location that I can move to another location where it is likely to fare better?
  • Is there any dead inventory that needs to be earmarked for Markdown right away?
  • What is my inventory ageing? For a product across the Location dimension
  • What products are stocked out at a location?
  • What are my top performing locations in terms of sales, margins, inventory turns?
  • What are my bottom performing locations in terms of sales, margins, inventory turns?
  • Which locations are the best in terms of footfall? Who are the best converters?
  • Which stores are meeting their sales\margin targets and which stores are not?
  • Based on my targeted sales and planned conversion%, which stores are doing well and which are not?
  • What is the opportunity lost/gained by a location based on the increase in traffic from a prior period (Last week, month, season oryear)
  • How many visitors am I getting against each sq ft of retail space at a location/region
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Why C-Analytics


Benchmark your retail operations performance against last year and targets

Inbuilt KPIs

Analyze your performance against more than 100 inbuilt KPIs specialized for retail needs

All your data in single pane of Glass

Bring data from your ERP, POS, Footfall, attendance system for analysis in one solution

Quick Rollout

Start analyzing your business in less than 4 weeks

Power of Microsoft Power BI

Use the Power of Microsoft Power BI with its monthly update and apps available for IOS, Android and windows devices

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Let us help you transform your workforce and customer experiences.

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