IT Staff Augmentation Services

Augment your team with the right expertise at the right price

Empower your team through our IT staff augmentation services. Get access to the right talent, elevate team capacity and scale project delivery. We align talent with your project needs and organizational culture, ensuring we meet both your short and long-term augmentation needs.

Our Services

Staff Augmentation Services for
a range of domains

Software Development

Scale your software development capabilities across mobile apps, UI/UX, quality assurance, and DevOps. We don’t just meet industry standards; we redefine them. From concept to deployment, our staff augmentation services bring unparalleled expertise to every phase of your software journey.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

From upgrade, implementation, support, to optimization, and customization within Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, we are here to augment your teams. Our approach streamlines operations, delivering scalable solutions tailored to your evolving needs.

Microsoft Power Platform

Empower your team to craft custom applications, automate workflows, and derive actionable insights with our staff augmentation services leveraging Microsoft Power Platform capabilities.

Data and AI

Step into the future with our staff augmentation services for Data & AI. From ML engineers and data scientists to data engineers, benefit from the expertise of the top talent to transform into a data-driven enterprise fueled by innovative digital solutions.


Embark on a secure and efficient journey to the cloud. Our staff augmentation services cover everything – from strategic development to seamless migration and optimization to create a future-ready digital infrastructure.

BENEFITS OF Staff Augmentation Services

Optimize performance and drive project success with Staff Augmentation

Bring in talent that fits the skill gap, meet project deadlines, and stay within budget without the need for long-term employment commitments. Explore the benefits of staff augmentation:

Agile team scalability

Quickly adjust your team size based on project requirements, ensuring optimal flexibility and responsiveness to changing workloads.

Tap into a vast pool of specialized talents, bridging skill gaps and infusing your projects with the expertise needed to excel in diverse domains.

Enjoy cost efficiencies by leveraging staff augmentation, allowing you to pay for the specific skills and hours required without the long-term commitments associated with full-time hires.

Expedite project delivery with the rapid onboarding of skilled professionals, reducing development cycles and bringing your products or services to market faster.

Bolster your project’s success by mitigating risks through the inclusion of seasoned professionals, decreasing the likelihood of errors and ensuring smoother execution.

Redirect your internal team’s focus to core business functions by offloading specialized tasks to augmented staff, fostering a more efficient and streamlined operational structure.

The Confiz way: How to hire your IT Staff Augmentation team?

Begin your project journey with our comprehensive IT staff augmentation approach, crafting a dedicated team of project managers, functional experts, and support staff for a robust and successful kickoff.



We begin by grasping your business needs, goals, and culture. Then, we collect project details, timelines, and team structure to tailor our staff augmentation services as per your business objectives.



Our team sources and screens the best professionals in the industry. We pride ourselves on our vast talent pool of skilled developers, business analysts, project managers, and functional consultants to help you find the right fit.



We handle the onboarding process to ensure the resources chosen are up-to-speed with your project requirements and company culture. This includes training, team integration, and setting expectations for their role and responsibilities.



Our skilled project managers offer continuous feedback, coaching, and evaluations to ensure on-time, within-budget project completion and your satisfaction. We provide ongoing support for a seamless transition and handover.

Pros of IT Staff Augmentation

Choosing your talent path:
IT Staff Augmentation vs Freelancing

Staff augmentation complements your house team, while outsourcing the project to a freelancer means sending the project to a third party. Make the right decision by exploring the pros and cons of staff augmentation vs freelancing.

Criteria IT Staff Augmentation Hiring a Freelancer
Skill specialization Access to a wide range of specialized skills. Typically specialized in a specific skill or niche.
Cost structure Fixed hourly or project rates. Variable rates depending on freelancer's terms and experience.
Onboarding time Generally quick onboarding process. May require more time for onboarding and setup.
Project control High level of control over the project. Limited control, especially in freelance marketplaces.
Availability Availability is more stable and consistent. Availability may vary based on the freelancer's schedule.
Scalability Easy to scale up or down based on project needs. Limited scalability for ongoing or larger projects.

Build a skilled team to kickstart your project

Mobile App Developer

Full Stack Developer

Software Engineers

DevOps Engineer

UI/UX designer

Front-End Developer

QA Engineer

Test Analyst Database Developer

Security Engineer

Automation Engineer

Technical Lead

Release Engineer

System Architect

IT Project Manager

Data Scientist

Integration Specialist

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud Migration Specialist

Cloud Data Engineer

Cloud Automation Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud Application Developer

Cloud Support Engineer

Cloud Solutions Consultant

Cloud Database Administrator

Cloud AI Engineer

Cloud Solution Sales Engineer

Scrum Master

Agile Project Manager

Technical Project Manager

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Engineer

AI Solutions Architect

Data Engineers

Data Analyst

NLP Engineer

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

AI Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Test Automation Engineer

Chatbot Developer

User Adoption Specialist

AI Research Scientist

Machine Learning Scientist

Database Administrator

Quality Analyst

Microsoft Power Platform Developer

Power Platform Consultant

Power Platform Solution Architect

Power Platform Administrator

Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) Lead

Power Platform System Architect

Power Platform Mobile App Developer

Power Platform DevOps Engineer

Power Platform AI Developer

Power Platform Solution Testing Manager

Power Platform Process Automation Analyst

Power Platform Data Scientist

Power Apps and Power Automate Developer

Power BI Report Developer

Power BI Data Engineer

SharePoint Developer

Dynamics 365 ERP Consultant

Dynamics 365 CRM Consultant

Dynamics 365 Solution Architect

Dynamics 365 Project Manager

Dynamics 365 Test Analyst

Dynamics 365 Security Administrator

Dynamics 365 Integration Specialist

Dynamics 365 Principal technical consultant

Data Migration Specialist

Dynamics 365 Data Analyst

Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant

Dynamics 365 Developer

Dynamics 365 QA Consultant

Dynamics 365 Principal Software Engineer

Dynamics 365 Cloud Architect

Dynamics 365 Reporting Analyst


Agile recruitment process

We follow a swift and agile recruitment process to deliver outstanding results and provide the support and extra capabilities you need. We find the top candidates who can seamlessly integrate with your team and contribute to the success of your projects.

High scalability

Scale your development team up or down quickly and easily without the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. This flexibility allows you to meet changing business needs and respond to new opportunities more efficiently.

Focus on core business

Focus on your core business activities while we handle the day-to-day management of your development projects. Free up your time and resources to concentrate on the strategic aspects of your business and achieve your goals more efficiently.

Technical expertise

We strive to keep pace with the latest tech initiatives and extend your team with the best-suited technical talent to match the specific skillset required to ensure optimal project delivery and meet your business needs.

IT Staff Augmentation services for a range of industries

We offer team augmentation services that connect you with experts from a range of industries to meet your project requirements more efficiently.


We offer Staff Augmentation services to develop and maintain financial technology platforms, ensuring compliance and a seamless user experience.


Our Staff Augmentation services enhance retail operations, focusing on e-commerce, POS systems, and supply chain management for engaging customer experiences.


Elevate your CPG operations with tailored staff augmentation solutions, ensuring agility and expertise for industry-specific success.


Our services support manufacturing companies in optimizing operations with MES, PLM systems, and supply chain management applications.


We offer staff augmentation to develop EHR systems and patient portals, ensuring regulatory compliance and improving patient experiences.

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