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Get a team of specialist professionals focused exclusively on your project

Speed up your project initiatives with our dedicated offshore team of pre-vetted IT talent. Access top talent, minimize recruiting hassles and create a skilled team of developers, engineers, consultants and other talent pool to accomplish your project goals.

Our Services

Hire dedicated remote teams
across a range of service verticals

Software Development

From building applications from scratch to optimizing development processes, hire a tailored dedicated software development team that provides end-to-end services to scale your software development projects.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Build an offshore dedicated team to enhance your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM project initiatives. Whether it’s implementation, upgrade, or support, we help you assemble a scalable offshore team capable of driving success.

Microsoft Power Platform

Leverage our dedicated team model to empower your workforce in building custom applications, automating workflows, and deriving actionable insights through Microsoft Power Platform capabilities. Utilizing our experience in Power Platforms, we ensure your investment yields tangible business value.

Data and AI

Speed up your data and AI initiatives with our dedicated teams, providing tailored expertise and innovative solutions to meet your business goals. Trust our dedicated teams comprising data engineers, data scientists, and ML engineers to efficiently manage and execute your project.


Boost your cloud potential with our dedicated teams for cloud services. Benefit from our dedicated technical team, specializing in end-to-end cloud solutions to ensure security, optimal performance, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure management.


Precision, performance, progress

Hire a dedicated remote team with the ideal skillset to seize benefits aligned with your project goals to outperform your competitors. Get yourself a team with the highest level of engagement.

Faster recruitment

With a dedicated team model, there are no more extensive recruitment processes and recruitment delays, saving you time and resources while accelerating project kick-off.

Access top-tier talent exactly when you need it through a dedicated offshore team to ensure your projects are executed flawlessly by the best minds in the industry for high-quality results.

Since dedicated teams are solely focused on your project, they offer a higher level of commitment and dedication to achieving your goals.

Ensure your project success by expediting execution that meets and exceeds expectations and sets the stage for long-term success and growth.

Achieve greater efficiency and affordability with a dedicated project team model to streamline expenses and achieve your project objectives without compromising quality or expertise.

You can either hire a project manager or manage the full-time team yourself. Regardless of your choice, you are free to choose a tracking system that suits your need for managing processes.

How to hire a dedicated development team for your business?

At Confiz, we follow a simple, yet effective approach to hiring a dedicated team that is tailored to your project needs, ensuring you get the perfect fit, fast.



We initiate by understanding your business requisites, goals, and culture. Subsequently, we gather project details, schedules, and team frameworks to tailor our dedicated remote team model to align with your business objectives.


Talent selection

Our team meticulously identifies and evaluates top-tier professionals within your domain. We take pride in our extensive talent pool of developers, business analysts, project managers, and functional consultants and more, helping you find the right fit for your needs.



We manage the onboarding procedure to guarantee that the selected resources rapidly adjust to your project needs and organizational culture. This involves facilitating team integration and establishing clear roles and responsibilities and KPIs for reporting.



Once the team is onboarded, our expert project managers provide consistent feedback and support and monitor progress and create regular sprint reports to ensure timely project delivery within the promised timeframe. We also offer ongoing support for a smooth transition and handover.

Do you want to boost your productivity? Get your dedicated team today!


Skilled experts

Benefit from our top-tier experts who possess widespread knowledge and expertise that ensures your projects are handled with the highest level of efficiency.

Smooth, transparent process

Experience a seamless and transparent process from start to finish, ensuring transparency and ease of collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Higher retention

With our low turnover rate, you can rely on our dedicated team of skilled professionals who are fully invested in your project’s success for a longer time, providing reliability in our services.

Immediate onboarding

Get your projects off the ground faster than ever with our immediate onboarding advantage. Our dedicated teams seamlessly integrate, propelling your project forward with speed and precision.

Pros of Dedicated Team Model

Choose your options:
Dedicated Team model vs Fixed Price model

Weigh the benefits of the dedicated team model against the fixed price model to choose the approach that best fits your project’s objectives and ensures its success.

Features Dedicated Team model Fixed Price model
Flexibility Flexible team size & hours Limited flexibility
Adaptability Swift adaptation to changes Less adaptable
Resource allocation Optimal resource allocation Fixed resource allocation
Collaboration Strong collaboration Limited collaboration
Quality assurance Ongoing quality assurance Limited quality control
Cost management Transparent billing. Pricing varies based on the size of the team Fixed upfront costs
Risk management Continuous support Limited risk mitigation

Build your ideal team of dedicated resources

Mobile App Developer

Full Stack Developer

Software Engineers

DevOps Engineer

UI/UX designer

Front-End Developer

QA Engineer

Test Analyst Database Developer

Security Engineer

Automation Engineer

Technical Lead

Release Engineer

System Architect

IT Project Manager

Data Scientist

Integration Specialist

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud Migration Specialist

Cloud Data Engineer

Cloud Automation Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud Application Developer

Cloud Support Engineer

Cloud Solutions Consultant

Cloud Database Administrator

Cloud AI Engineer

Cloud Solution Sales Engineer

Scrum Master

Agile Project Manager

Technical Project Manager

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Engineer

AI Solutions Architect

Data Engineers

Data Analyst

NLP Engineer

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

AI Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Test Automation Engineer

Chatbot Developer

User Adoption Specialist

AI Research Scientist

Machine Learning Scientist

Database Administrator

Quality Analyst

Microsoft Power Platform Developer

Power Platform Consultant

Power Platform Solution Architect

Power Platform Administrator

Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) Lead

Power Platform System Architect

Power Platform Mobile App Developer

Power Platform DevOps Engineer

Power Platform AI Developer

Power Platform Solution Testing Manager

Power Platform Process Automation Analyst

Power Platform Data Scientist

Power Apps and Power Automate Developer

Power BI Report Developer

Power BI Data Engineer

SharePoint Developer

Dynamics 365 ERP Consultant

Dynamics 365 CRM Consultant

Dynamics 365 Solution Architect

Dynamics 365 Project Manager

Dynamics 365 Test Analyst

Dynamics 365 Security Administrator

Dynamics 365 Integration Specialist

Dynamics 365 Principal technical consultant

Data Migration Specialist

Dynamics 365 Data Analyst

Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant

Dynamics 365 Developer

Dynamics 365 QA Consultant

Dynamics 365 Principal Software Engineer

Dynamics 365 Cloud Architect

Dynamics 365 Reporting Analyst

Dedicated project teams across industries: Find yours

Drive project excellence with our dedicated team model, connecting you with specialists from various industries to effectively meet your project needs.


Our dedicated team of top talent is equipped to innovate and develop cutting edge solutions tailored to your FinTech needs, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Transform your retail operations with a team of dedicated resources who specialize in omnichannel strategies, e-commerce development, and customer experience enhancement.


Elevate your CPG operations with our specialized Dedicated Team Model, adept at driving product innovation, market expansion, and brand differentiation.


Optimize your manufacturing operations with our Dedicated Team Model, proficient in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies, supply chain optimization, and production efficiency enhancements.


Empower your healthcare operations with our Dedicated Team Model, skilled in developing digital health solutions, patient engagement platforms, and healthcare IT infrastructure.

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