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Operational Agility with Dynamics 365

Khurram Zaki

Khurram Zaki

Product Strategy Lead,
Microsoft UAE

Bilal Yaqub

Bilal Yaqub

Pre-Sales Dynamics Consultant,
Confiz UAE

Mohammed Reza

Mohammed Reza

Director of Business Development,
Confiz UAE

Key features

Leverage the Power of Digitalization with D365 Super and Hypermarkets Solution

Data-Driven Planning for the Win

Build resilient demand planning and forecasts based on purchase patterns, seasonality, and trends. Leading to Optimized Resource management, reduced run-outs, and increased supply chain visibility.

Optimized Grocery Store Supply Chain

Leverage the power of AI to optimize your grocery supply chain by automating third-party agreements and back-end margin calculations. Also, the retail vendor portal digitizes the process of procurement and replenishment to streamline your retail supply chain management.

Speed and Agility for In-store Operations

Enhance customers' grocery journey, improve operations speed and drive value through our intuitive solution. Ensure seamless in-store operations management for your business.

Financial Automation

Improve financial controls and process agility through embedded analytics, AI-driven insights & financial reporting. Minimize the chances of human errors by automating time-consuming financial tasks like rebate calculations.

The Evolving Grocery Eco-System

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digitalization has become a survival necessity for businesses. Yet only some have harnessed the opportunities that digital transformation brings to people, operations, and processes. Grocery businesses are no different. Where the retail landscape has shifted from brick-and-mortar to omnichannel in the last few decades, disruption of the grocery business is a recent phenomenon.

Omnichannel customer support is the way forward!

Automation in Grocery Retail

The changing customer preferences, technological advancement, laser-thin margins, and ever-increasing competitive pressures have compelled grocers to embrace investments in technology and automation to combat the growing challenges successfully while driving growth and operational agility.  


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