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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail industry

Create customer-centric retail experiences for retail excellence.

Empower retail success and engage customers with confidence

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the retail industry uses a data-driven approach so you can learn how your clientele interacts with your business. Elevate retail experiences with powerful capabilities, architecture, and AI for confident customer engagement. 

Enhance store efficiency and boost sales

Understand customers better with enriched insights

Improved inventory utilization and distribution management

Use data to innovate and create impactful solutions

our key capabilities

Achieve retail excellence with Dynamics 365 for retail

Involve customers with relevant content and engaging shopping journeys.

Allow customers to shop with convenience and give them more purchasing power through facilitating buying options.

Build a loyal customer base through responsive and intuitive business tools and conduct repeat business like never before.

Manage inventory from a single screen and gain complete control over your merchandising.

Streamline business operations and ease processes by empowering employees with data and insights.

Reduce affiliated costs around order fulfilment and give customers more buying choices to ensure great shopping experiences.


Case Study

Business efficiency at Bani Yas Coop

An Advanced Warehouse Management System (AWMS) built with Microsoft Dynamics AX to drive business efficiency at Bani Yas Cooperative Society.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Management System?

It is a unique combination of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered by Confiz, an official Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Partner. This amalgamation aims to support retail organizations with business processes and customer-centric operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail management system supports businesses in the retail industry with marketing, sales, customer insights, customer service, supply chain, retail experiences, finance, and human resources. 

How can retail businesses utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools to their maximum potential?

Retail businesses can start by sharing their products and requirements with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts at Confiz here. Deciding the best tools for business operations and seamlessly integrating them with the current workflows will be a good way to start. To ensure further ease in business operations, data migration and implementation services can be further utilized. This will eliminate data duplications and allow access to relevant information across all channels. In case of any issues, the maintenance team at Confiz can be contacted for efficient troubleshooting. 

Why do I need the services of an official Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Partner to get started?

Retail businesses looking to hit the ground running with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions need the services of an official Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Partner. At Confiz, we ensure you get the most value from your software investments. Whether you are looking to enhance an existing software solution or stepping into the world of digital retail operations and experiences, we can help you with implementation, integration, migration, and maintenance. Optimize your Dynamics 365 applications to fit your business needs and make the most out of your investment by consulting the experts at Confiz here. 

Are Confiz services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 available in all retail business locations?

The technology experts at Confiz specialize in offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to retail businesses in all locations across the globe. Confiz technology teams have already offered services to retail businesses in United States of America (USA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Pakistan. We have decades of professional experience in implementing Dynamics 365 tools and automating business processes of retail organizations. Contact us for more details. 

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