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Elevate your operations with trusted cloud migration services

Elevate cost efficiency and foster innovation with our comprehensive cloud migration and modernization services. Our approach ensures success at every stage. Whether it’s lifting and shifting applications or migrating entire data centers, our comprehensive cloud migration services cover organizational, operational, and technical aspects for a seamless transition. We employ proven methodologies for seamless on-premise to cloud and cloud-to-cloud migration.

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Your path to the Cloud, simplified

Cloud migration consulting

We guide your cloud journey through comprehensive consulting services, by assessing your current infrastructure, defining a migration strategy, conducting readiness assessments, automating deployment, and planning workload migration.

Application migration

Our services cover various aspects of application migration, including rehosting and replatforming to modernize your applications, upgrading to the latest versions, rebuilding software for enhanced functionality.

Platform migration

Experience hassle-free migrations to leading cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud and experience benefits such as optimized for performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Infrastructure migration

Our on-premises to cloud migration services guarantee uninterrupted monitoring and seamless integration across private and public cloud environments as well as your existing systems.

Storage and server migration

Effortlessly transition your data with our services, covering data center, data warehouse, cloud database migrations, and storage/server migrations for a smooth flow of data across diverse cloud environments.

Enterprise platform migration

Embrace technological advancements, enhance operational efficiency, and stay ahead in the digital landscape and unlock new possibilities with enterprise through seamless platform migrations.

Our proficiency in cloud deployment models

Expertly navigating cloud deployment, we tailor solutions across Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), strategically aligning technology with your business goals for optimized performance and cost efficiency.

Private cloud

Secure and dedicated cloud infrastructure exclusively for your organization.

Public cloud

Scalable and cost-effective cloud solutions hosted on shared infrastructure for improved flexibility and accessibility.

Hybrid cloud

Seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud environments for better performance and data management.

Multi cloud

Capitalize on the benefits of diverse cloud providers to maximize flexibility, minimize risks, and boost resilience.


Maximize, minimize, mobilize: The Cloud Migration effect

Research shows cloud migration saves companies 15-40% on infrastructure. Are you ready to unlock greater agility, scalability, and innovation with cloud migration?

Cost reduction and optimization

Optimize expenses while migrating to the cloud, ensuring efficiency and financial benefits.

Experience swift responses and improved performance with cloud migration.

Enhance data security through robust cloud infrastructure and advanced security measures.

Adapt to changing demands seamlessly with the flexibility of scalable cloud resources.

Accelerate application deployment, reducing time-to-market with cloud migration.

Minimize disruptions and downtime, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Leverage the cloud to extract greater value and insights from your data.

Stay at the forefront of technological innovation with easy access to cutting-edge solutions in the cloud.

Our Cloud Migration Process in action

Our Certified Solutions Architects analyze your current architecture, creating a detailed business case. Leveraging the findings, we design a tailored cloud environment ensuring security, cost optimization, and a seamless transition to production for a successful cloud future.


Define strategy

Craft a robust cloud migration strategy tailored to your business and technical goals for a successful transition.


Assess your infrastructure

Thoroughly analyze your existing architecture to create a detailed business case and ensure a smooth migration process.


Plan the migration

Leverage assessment findings to design a customized cloud environment, emphasizing security, cost optimization, and operational excellence.


Prepare your organization

Prepare your organization for migration, ensuring all stakeholders are informed and aligned with the upcoming changes.


Implement the migration

Execute the migration plan meticulously, transferring data, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly.


Secure and optimize

Implement robust security measures and efficient management practices to safeguard your cloud environment.


User training

Provide comprehensive training for IT teams and ongoing education to empower users in the new cloud landscape.

Confiz’s offerings for Cloud Migration

We leverage the strength of cloud market leaders to deliver tailored cloud transformation strategies, enabling our clients to generate value through seamless cloud deployment and management.

Soar to new heights with our expert Azure migration—unlock the full potential of Microsoft’s Azure ecosystem.

Efficiently scale your business with our smooth AWS migration—ensuring optimal cloud performance.

Thrive in the cloud with our tailored Google Cloud migration—innovative strategies for a seamless transition.


Strategic partnerships with leading cloud hyperscalers

Leverage the power of our strategic partnerships with premier cloud hyperscalers, ensuring access to cutting-edge technologies for your migration journey.

Guided migration and transformation

Experience a seamless transition with guided migration and transformation led by our seasoned experts, ensuring your business undergoes a successful and efficient transformation.

Experience across various industries

Rely on our extensive experience across diverse industries, allowing us to craft tailored cloud solutions that meet the unique requirements of your specific business sector.

Minimal disruption and maximum cost efficiency

Minimize disruptions and maximize cost efficiency with our meticulous approach, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective cloud migration and integration process.

How long does Cloud Migration take?

The duration of cloud migration varies based on factors such as the size and complexity of your infrastructure. We customize a plan that prioritizes efficiency, ensuring a seamless transition tailored to your specific needs.

Why Cloud Migration is important to business growth?

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Position your business for enduring profitability and growth with tailored cloud solutions for retail industry, guided by our expertise in cloud strategy consultancy.


Leverage our expertise to devise a cloud strategy to empower CPG companies in adapting to evolving challenges, unlocking new revenue streams, and accelerating time-to-market.


Let our experts create a robust cloud strategy for your fintech business, ensuring cost-effective scalability, improved security, and faster speed-to-market.


Revolutionize your healthcare operations, improve patient care, optimize costs, and drive growth with our tailored cloud strategy.


Optimize inventory, boost omnichannel presence, and streamline operations with our expertly crafted cloud strategy for the hypermarket industry.


Upscale and downscale operations while reducing costs and accelerating growth by letting us create a cloud strategy for your telecommunication business.

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Embrace the future: Accelerate your Cloud Migration today

Embark on a transformative journey with our cloud migration expertise. With our seasoned cloud migration expertise, navigate the transformative journey ahead and unlock the full potential of modern cloud solutions, ensuring a competitive edge for your organization in the digital landscape.

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What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration involves the process of transferring digital assets, applications, and data from on-premise servers to cloud infrastructure. This move allows organizations to take advantage of the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and advanced features.

Cloud migration is crucial for business growth as it enables scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging cloud resources, businesses can adapt to changing demands, enhance operational efficiency, and stay competitive in the digital landscape.

The duration of cloud migration varies based on factors like the complexity of data, applications, and the chosen migration strategy. Generally, it can take weeks to months, and careful planning is essential to ensure a smooth transition.

The cost of cloud migration depends on factors such as the selected cloud provider, data volume, and migration strategy. Costs range from thousands to millions, and organizations should consider these factors carefully during the planning phase.

Migrating to the cloud involves assessing the current environment, choosing a suitable cloud provider, planning the migration strategy, and executing the move with minimal disruption. Collaboration with experienced cloud migration partners can streamline the process.

Refactoring in cloud migration refers to restructuring or rewriting existing applications to optimize them for cloud-native environments. This process ensures better performance, efficiency, and alignment with cloud architecture.

Migrating to the cloud offers numerous benefits, including enhanced scalability, flexibility, cost savings, improved collaboration, and increased security. It is a strategic move for businesses looking to modernize operations and stay competitive.

Lift and shift cloud migration involve transferring applications and data from on-premise to the cloud without significant modification. This approach provides a quick and straightforward migration method, suitable for certain scenarios.

Major cloud migration techniques include lift and shift, re-platforming, re-architecting, and refactoring. Each technique caters to different migration needs, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable approach for their goals.

Considerations when migrating to the cloud include data security, compliance requirements, application dependencies, cost implications, and potential performance improvements. A comprehensive assessment ensures a successful and seamless transition.

Cloud migration can be conducted by in-house IT teams, specialized cloud migration service providers, or partnerships with cloud vendors. The choice depends on the organization’s expertise, resources, and specific migration requirements.

Cloud migration is crucial for staying competitive and leveraging advanced technologies. It enhances operational efficiency, scalability, and flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt to evolving market demands and achieve sustainable growth.

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