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Build a modern data architecture with a solid data strategy

Scale your business insights with the right data and analytics foundation. Migrate, integrate, and optimize your data and analytics platform with our Data Platform Modernization services to realize the true value of your data.

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Experience the true value of data through Data Platform Modernization

Data assessment and strategy development

We evaluate your current data infrastructure, identify improvement areas, and create tailored modernization strategies aligned with your business objectives.

Data migration and integration

Seamlessly integrating your data from diverse sources into a modern data platforms, we guarantee data integrity, accessibility, and compatibility for streamlined operations.

Data warehousing and analytics

Crafting advanced data warehousing solutions customized to your organizational needs, we enable comprehensive data analysis and provide actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Data governance and compliance

We establish robust governance frameworks to ensure data quality, security, and regulatory compliance throughout the modernization process, thereby mitigating risks and building trust.

Data visualization and Business Intelligence

We empower organizations to transform complex datasets into actionable insights with advanced BI tools for visualization and comprehensive solutions, including predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive strategic growth.

Transform your data infrastructure with our Data Platform Modernization expertise

Transform your legacy data systems with modern, scalable platforms to enhance efficiency and drive tangible business value.

Modernize your existing data platform with our Microsoft Fabric capabilities for real-time data insights and analytics. With our widespread experience in Microsoft Fabric migration, implementation, and consultation, we help you scale your data infrastructure efficiently and gain deeper business intelligence from your diverse data pool.

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Migrate to cloud-based, scalable, and secure data management with Databricks modernization. Our data modernization consultants provide in-depth consultation to optimize your data infrastructure. We guide you through seamless Databricks migration and implementation, empowering you to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions faster.

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Benefits of Data Platform Modernization

Transform into a data-empowered enterprise with Data Modernization

Security and efficiency are the primary drivers for organizations seeking to modernize their legacy apps and data. Are you prepared to leverage these benefits and more through data modernization as you transition from outdated legacy systems to the cloud?

Improved data quality

Enhance data quality with the latest tools and processes, ensuring your organization can rely on accurate and consistent data for decision-making.

Become more agile and scalable by quickly adapting to the changing business requirements and efficiently handling increasing volumes of data.

Faster data processing and analysis reduces the time it takes to derive actionable insights from data, leading to quicker decision-making and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Save on the infrastructure costs associated with maintaining on-premises data centers. With pay-as-you-go pricing models, organizations can scale resources as needed.

Robust security and compliance controls inherent in data modernization protect sensitive data, reducing the risk of data breaches and regulatory penalties for organizations.

Drive innovation by integrating advanced analytics and trending AI technologies to unlock new opportunities for growth and competitive advantage.

Our Data Platform Modernization process in action

Drive your business towards greater growth and success. Update and transform your legacy data system into a modern data platform with our proven data modernization roadmap.


Data discovery

Our experts Identify and analyze your data landscape to understand their value and relevance for modernization initiatives.


Data architecture assessment

We then evaluate your existing data architecture to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.


Data migration

Now begins the process of migration, where we efficiently extract and integrate your data from legacy systems to modernized platforms, ensuring integrity and accessibility.


Data validation and optimization

Our team will validate migrated data for accuracy and optimize its structure for enhanced performance efficiency and effectiveness.


Dedicated data modernization experts

Our team of data architects and engineers has extensive experience and expertise in transforming legacy data systems. We are committed to fully empowering your organization to leverage its data assets.

Goal-oriented solutions

We tailor our services to align with your business objectives, ensuring that our modern data platform solutions drive measurable results.

Data security

We prioritize protecting your data by implementing advanced security protocols to safeguard against threats and breaches.

Quick turnaround time

With our streamlined processes and dedicated team, we ensure the timely completion of data modernization projects, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Why invest in Enterprise Data Platform Modernization?

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Scaling up your vision for Data Modernization
Fueling industry growth with the latest tech and data empowerment

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Revolutionize your retail operations with our data modernization solutions, driving insights and innovation for enhanced customer experiences.


Elevate your data strategy in the CPG sector with our tailored data modernization solutions, empowering informed decision-making and agility.


Empower your telecommunications business with our advanced data modernization solutions, driving efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Modernize your data journey with Confiz
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Modernize your data journey with Confiz

Build and deliver a leaner, more agile, and adaptive data ecosystem with our Data Platform Modernization services and empower your enterprise with real-time insights. With Confiz as your Data Modernization partner, optimize, transform, and digitize your data environment for enhanced efficiency and competitiveness.

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What is Data Platform Modernization?

Data modernization refers to the process of updating and transforming an organization’s data infrastructure, technologies, and practices to meet the demands of data management and analytics requirements using modern, cloud-based solutions. It involves adopting contemporary data storage, processing, and analysis tools and implementing agile methodologies to ensure that data remains relevant, accessible, and secure.

Data Platform modernization enables organizations to unlock the trapped value contained in their data assets by improving data accessibility, scalability, and reliability. A modernized data infrastructure also supports advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI initiatives, empowering organizations to derive valuable insights and make data-driven decisions faster.

Some challenges of data platform modernization include legacy system integration, data silos, change data capture, data quality issues, compliance and regulatory requirements, talent shortage in emerging technologies, and resistance to change within the organization. Additionally, budget constraints and the complexity of migrating large volumes of data can pose significant obstacles.

Some data modernization best practices include adopting a cloud-first approach, implementing automation and orchestration tools to streamline operations, prioritizing data security and compliance, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making, investing in employee training and development, and regularly evaluating and updating data modernization strategies to adapt to evolving business needs and technological advancements.

Some data platform modernization best practices that will benefit your organization include adopting a cloud-first approach, implementing automation and orchestration tools to streamline operations, prioritizing data security and compliance, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making, investing in employee training and development, and regularly evaluating and updating data modernization strategies to adapt to evolving business needs and technological advancements.

Some of the top Microsoft data modernization PaaS solutions include:

  1. Azure Data Factory
  2. Azure Synapse Analytics
  3. Azure Databricks
  4. Microsoft Fabric
  5. Microsoft Power BI

The cloud facilitates data modernization by providing inexpensive, scalable storage and computing resources. It offers advanced tools and services for data integration, analytics, and AI, enabling organizations to derive valuable insights and innovate. Cloud accelerates data modernization initiatives, empowering businesses to stay agile and competitive in a data-driven world.

The duration of data modernization varies based on the scope and complexity of the project. Typically, it can range from several weeks to several months, depending on factors such as data volume, system integration, and implementation requirements. If it is the case of data warehouse modernization, Generally, it can take anywhere from a few months to a year or more for the migration to complete.

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