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Empower innovation through agile data engineering and advanced analytics

With our Databricks consulting services, we empower organizations to harness big data and machine learning, unlocking the full potential of their data assets to create cutting-edge solutions. Our comprehensive offerings cover consulting, implementation, migration, and optimization of your Databricks platform, ensuring a seamless data journey that accelerates your enterprise’s transformation.

Our Services

Hire Databricks experts to build, deploy, and migrate to Databricks platform

Databricks consultancy

Gain strategic advisory on architecture, roadmap strategy, and tool rationalization with our comprehensive Databricks consulting service. We specialize in guiding organizations through the complete data lifecycle, from design to initial implementation and optimization to enable advanced analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities, ensuring scalable and impactful data solutions for your business.

Databricks implementation

Trust in our experienced Databricks experts for unified Databricks implementation services to enhance efficiency in your data analytics capabilities. Our professionals begin by defining a clear data and analytics strategy tailored to your requirements for smooth and successful integration of Databricks within your existing data infrastructure.

Databricks migration

Migrate from your legacy data lake or enterprise data warehouse to a modern Databricks platform for streamlined data analytics on a unified data platform. With our personalized, end-to-end migration Databricks data migration services, you can achieve faster data access, scale your data processing needs, and drive innovation across your business.

Databricks data engineering

From architecture design and implementation to optimizing data pipelines, and deploying advanced analytics, we specialize in building robust Databricks solutions that drive efficiency and unlock the full potential of your Databricks ’ecosystem.

Databricks performance optimization

With our Databricks performance tuning services, we meticulously analyze and optimize your data pipelines, data engineering solutions, fine-tune cluster configurations, and implement best practices to ensure your Databricks platform operates at peak performance, enabling faster insights and improved scalability for your analytics and AI initiatives.

Databricks advanced analytics

Optimize your data for actionable insights through Databricks’ advanced data analytics. Through advanced modeling, predictive analytics, and machine learning capabilities, we help your organization drive actionable insights, optimize decision-making processes, and uncover new avenues for growth and innovation.

Databricks: Features and capabilities built for data innovation

Benefits of Databricks

Revolutionize your data analytics through a unified and agile data platform

Drive business success with a Databricks Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that significantly benefits your organization and addresses your data engineering and analytics challenges.

Unified analytics platform

From data storage and engineering to complex business intelligence and analytics tasks, and Machine Learning, Databricks offers a comprehensive solution to data professionals with tools conveniently accessible in one centralized location.

Whether it’s AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, Databricks’s cloud architecture offers a scalable and secure platform for leveraging multi-cloud compatibility for a unified governance, administration, and security experience.

With Databricks’ end-to-end machine learning support, build, deploy, and manage the entire machine learning lifecycle within a single platform to accelerate the time-to-value of your organization’s AI initiatives.

Databricks allow easy integration with a wide range of data sources, BI tools, and storage systems, allowing businesses to perform all data-related operations in one place – without needing to switch between different platforms.

Databricks Lakehouse, with its ability to handle diverse data types (structured, unstructured, and semi-structured), both batch and streaming, empowers businesses to deal with complex data landscapes efficiently and effectively.

Experience the power of Databricks’ scalable environment to maximize your organization’s data processing, analytics, and machine learning workloads while reducing resource utilization and costs.

Fast-track your Databricks journey with our expedited approach

At Confiz, our Databricks experts follow a quick 3-step methodology to guide you through your Databricks adoption journey for seamless success.


Assessment and planning

Our seasoned Databricks consultants begin by thoroughly analyzing your data needs and current infrastructure. Our experts will collaborate with you to create a customized Databricks strategy tailored to your needs for successful migration and implementation.


Migration and Implementation

With careful planning in place, our Databricks solution architects proceed with the migration and implementation process. Leveraging proven techniques and tools, our experts seamlessly transition your data ecosystem to Databricks and ensure minimal disruption to your operations.


Optimization and support

In the final stage, we provide ongoing optimization to maximize Databricks performance for your data-specific workloads. Plus, we also offer support for troubleshooting and fine-tuning your Databricks environment to ensure your continued success.


Certified Databricks partner

With our distinct advantage as a certified Databricks partner, we deliver tailored solutions that leverage Databricks’ cutting-edge technologies for robust data analytics and AI-driven insights.

Customized support

At Confiz, we offer tailored support, delivering solutions that adapt to your evolving business needs, ensuring efficient operations and maximum value from your Databricks investment.

Scalability & performance

We optimize your system to handle your growing data processing and analytics demands, delivering faster, actionable insights for data-backed decision-making.

Industry-wide experience

Benefit from our industry-wide experience in deploying and managing Databricks solutions across diverse sectors including, retail, healthcare, CPG, fintech, and telecom, to drive efficiency within your data ecosystem.

Kickstart your Databricks journey with our expert assessment

Databricks Data Platform Assessment

Get started with our 3-week Microsoft Azure Data Platform Development journey. Our expert Databricks assessment is tailored to analyze your current data infrastructure, identify optimization opportunities, and chart a strategic roadmap for seamless integration and enhanced performance Each week is dedicated to essential steps, including analysis of your data sources, migrating data to Databricks, and implementing a data model using Lakehouse architecture.

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What is Databricks used for?

Databricks is primarily used for advanced data analytics, processing large-scale datasets, and implementing machine learning and AI models. It provides a unified analytics platform that integrates data engineering, data science, and business analytics. Organizations use Databricks for tasks such as data preparation, real-time analytics, collaborative data science, and building scalable machine learning pipelines. It’s especially valued for its ability to handle big data efficiently and its integration with various cloud services for scalable computing and storage.

Yes, Databricks is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides cloud-based data engineering and analytics solutions to data professionals. It offers a unified platform for data processing, machine learning, analytics, and collaborative data science to empower organizations to harness the power of big data without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

Databricks Spark Integration refers to the seamless integration of Apache Spark within the Databricks platform. This integration empowers users to leverage Spark’s powerful distributed processing capabilities within the familiar Databricks environment to process vast datasets and run complex analytics workflows.


With Databricks Spark integration, users can easily build, scale, and deploy Spark-based data solutions to accelerate their data-driven initiatives and extract meaningful insights from their data. Databricks is an optimized platform for Apache Spark, providing an efficient and simple platform for running Apache Spark workloads.

Azure Databricks is a fully managed data and AI service from Databricks for data science, data engineering, data analytics, and machine learning workloads. Databricks on Azure combines the strengths of Databricks, a unified analytics platform, and Microsoft Azure, a robust cloud computing platform, to leverage the power of Databricks for data analytics within the secure environment of Microsoft Azure.


By working with a Databricks consulting partner, your organizations can leverage Databricks on Azure to acquire a secure, scalable, and integrated environment for their data analytics needs while benefiting from the reliability and security of the Azure cloud environment.

Databricks on Google Cloud is a powerful analytics platform provided by Databricks to consolidate your analytics applications into one open and scalable cloud platform. With Databricks on Google Cloud, users can build open, flexible data lakes that are integrated with Google data products like BigQuery and Looker.  Moreover, Google Cloud’s infrastructure also delivers data professionals a fast and scalable Databricks experience.

The key benefits of Databricks for an organization include:


  • Unified platform: It provides a unified environment for data engineering, data science, and analytics, metadata management, data governance and security which streamlines workflows and collaboration across teams.
  • Scalability: Databricks leverages scalable cloud computing power to handle large-scale data processing efficiently, enabling organizations to scale their analytics and machine learning workloads as needed.
  • Performance: With optimized data processing engines and cluster management, Databricks ensures fast query execution and job completion times, enhancing overall performance and productivity.
  • Advanced analytics: It supports advanced analytics capabilities, including real-time data processing, machine learning model training, and interactive data exploration, empowering organizations to derive actionable insights from their data swiftly and effectively.

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