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Cloud Application Modernization Services

Modernize your legacy application with cloud and uncover new possibilities

Elevating your business starts with the modernization of your on-premise, legacy applications—a crucial investment in fortifying your company’s foundation. Through a comprehensive process of assessment, migration, and cloud application modernization, we recalibrate your application landscape. Our end-to-end application modernization is designed to accelerate your business performance.

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End to end Cloud Modernization services

Re-hosting (Lift-and-shift)

Specializing in seamless lift-and-shift migrations, we expertly transition your existing systems to the cloud with minimal disruption ensuring improved performance and swift adaptability.

Microservices architecture

Through microservices architecture, we modernize applications by breaking monoliths into agile, scalable services to enhance flexibility, resilience, and market responsiveness.

Refactoring (Re-architecting)

Our team excels in refactoring migration, skillfully restructuring and optimizing your existing code for the cloud ensuring improved performance, scalability, and maintainability of your operations.

DevOps integration

Enabling DevOps integration during modernization, we enhance efficiency and accelerate delivery. Our approach fosters teamwork, automation, and continuous software improvement.


Our replatforming services improve system scalability, reliability, and performance, fostering increased business agility without compromising functionality.

Application management & monitoring

Our experts provide comprehensive support, performance monitoring, and management of modernized applications ensuring optimal performance and swift issue resolution.

Modernization solutions for a diverse range of applications

Software types

We modernize diverse software types, from web and mobile apps to enterprise solutions and advanced technologies like Big Data, IoT, AI, and ML.


Elevate your platforms with our cloud modernization services, covering Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and e-commerce platforms like Magento.

Installed on

We specialize in modernizing apps across Cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, catering to a diverse range of devices, including mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and wearables.

Our proficiency in cloud deployment models

Our expertise in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions allow us to create a customized cloud experience. Our team of cloud consultants strategically manages technology, mitigates risks, and aligns costs with your business objectives. We design a tailored enterprise cloud strategy and modernize your applications to accelerate innovation.

Private cloud

Benefit from enhanced security, privacy, and zero latency for local applications.

Public cloud

Experience the convenience of quick maintenance, flexible pricing, and near-unlimited scalability.

Hybrid cloud

Merge the advantages of both public and private clouds.

Multi cloud

Take advantage of unique offerings from a variety of cloud vendors.

Chart your course to digital transformation with cloud

94% of businesses have experienced enhanced security after migration to the cloud. Are you ready to amplify the business value of your cloud investment?

Cost efficiency

Reduce capital expenses by eliminating the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure, maintenance, and hardware costs.

Cloud platforms offer reliable data backup and recovery solutions, minimizing downtime in the event of a disaster.

Enable remote access to data and apps for smooth collaboration among teams regardless of their location.

Easily scale your computing resources up or down based on business demands.

Benefit from robust security measures, including data encryption and compliance with industry regulations.

Quickly adapt to changing business needs and market trends and deploy new applications and services rapidly.

Our Cloud Application Modernization process in action

Embark on a transformative journey with our Cloud Application Modernization process, designed to enhance your IT infrastructure and propel your business forward.


Scope assessment

We conduct a detailed scope assessment, analyzing your IT landscape to identify opportunities and challenges.


Planning and strategizing

We develop a roadmap aligned with your business objectives, ensuring a smooth and efficient modernization process.


Modernizing your architecture

Through careful reimagining and rearchitecting, we transform legacy applications and platforms, optimizing for scalability, responsiveness, and the integration of new technologies.


IT optimization

This step involves fine-tuning applications and systems for optimal performance, scalability, and efficiency in the cloud environment.



We provide ongoing support to address any issues, ensuring the continued success and adaptability of your modernized IT landscape.

Our strategic cloud partnerships

We leverage the strength of cloud market leaders to deliver tailored cloud transformation strategies, enabling our clients to generate value through seamless cloud deployment and management.

Transform your digital landscape with Microsoft Azure’s comprehensive cloud solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Empower your business with the unparalleled scalability and robust infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

Drive innovation and agility in your business with Google Cloud’s advanced computing, data storage, and machine learning capabilities.


Cloud strategy champions

Our experts bring a profound understanding of specific industries and technologies, guaranteeing the delivery of relevant and effective cloud solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

Comprehensive support and collaboration

From initial cloud strategy consultation to ongoing maintenance, we offer end-to-end assistance, ensuring a seamless implementation process and continuous client satisfaction at every stage of your cloud journey.

Partner-driven cloud-first strategy

Adapting to your unique needs and priorities, we develop tailored cloud strategies that drive success, aligning our approach with your business objectives to maximize the value of your cloud investments.

AI & Data focus

With a keen focus on AI and data, we integrate cutting-edge technologies to enhance your cloud strategy. Our approach ensures not only the deployment but also the ongoing optimization of AI and data-driven solutions for sustained business excellence.

How long does Cloud Modernization take?

The duration of a cloud modernization project can vary significantly depending on the complexity and size of the existing IT infrastructure, applications, and the specific goals of the modernization effort. Small to medium-sized projects might take a few months, while larger, more complex initiatives could extend to a year or more.

How can your business benefit from
Cloud Modernization?

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Transforming possibilities with the power of cloud
Tailored industry solutions and technologies in Cloud


Position your business for sustained profitability and growth with our expert application modernization solutions for the retail industry.


Allow us to create a tailored cloud strategy to empower CPG companies to adapt, unlock revenue streams, and accelerate time-to-market.


Let our experts create a robust cloud strategy for your fintech business, ensuring cost-effective scalability, improved security, and rapid deployment for sustained success.


Revolutionize your healthcare operations, improve patient care, optimize costs, and drive growth with our tailored cloud strategy.


Optimize inventory, boost omnichannel presence, and streamline operations with our expertly crafted cloud app modernization services.


Upscale and downscale operations while reducing costs and accelerating growth by letting us create a cloud strategy for your telecommunication business.

Legacy Application Modernization Services
for business excellence

Legacy application assessment

Through meticulous evaluation, we conduct a thorough assessment of your legacy applications, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This process forms the foundation for a strategic modernization plan tailored to your specific needs.

Legacy application

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we re-engineer legacy applications, optimizing their architecture, functionality, and user experience. This process ensures a seamless transition to contemporary standards while preserving essential business logic.

Legacy application cloud migration

We specialize in migrating legacy applications to the cloud, leveraging the benefits of scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. This transformation ensures that your applications are aligned with modern cloud environments, enhancing overall performance and accessibility.

Legacy mainframe application

Our expertise extends to the modernization of mainframe applications, transforming these traditionally structured systems into agile, efficient solutions. This modernization process enhances performance, reduces costs, and ensures compatibility with contemporary technologies.

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Transform and modernize your legacy apps to run in the Cloud

Staying relevant in today’s competitive market demands innovation. With our distinctive approach and extensive expertise, we empower you to overcome your next significant challenge.

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What is the importance of application modernization?

Application modernization is crucial for organizations aiming to enhance the efficiency, agility, and overall performance of their software applications. It involves updating and adapting existing applications to meet current business needs and technological standards.

Cloud-native modernization refers to the process of transforming applications to leverage cloud-native technologies fully. This involves designing, building, and deploying applications with cloud-native principles, such as scalability, resilience, and flexibility, to harness the full potential of cloud environments.

Cloud modernization benefits include improved scalability, cost-efficiency, enhanced security, and the ability to leverage advanced technologies. It empowers organizations to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Cloud application modernization involves adapting and optimizing applications specifically for cloud environments. It includes restructuring, refactoring, or rearchitecting applications to take advantage of cloud-native features, leading to increased performance and resource utilization.

Legacy application modernization focuses on updating outdated software systems to align with current technology standards. This process ensures that applications remain relevant, secure, and compatible with modern IT infrastructure.

Cloud modernization involves redesigning and optimizing existing applications to leverage cloud-native features, often requiring changes to code and architecture. In contrast, cloud migration focuses on relocating applications to the cloud without substantial alterations, aiming to achieve benefits such as cost savings and scalability. While migration primarily deals with infrastructure shifts, modernization encompasses broader enhancements for improved performance and efficiency in cloud environments.

Cloud application modernization strategies include rehosting or “lift and shift,” refactoring for cloud-native architecture, and rearchitecting for scalability. Each strategy varies in complexity and addresses specific goals, allowing businesses to choose the approach that aligns best with their needs and objectives in the cloud environment.

Application modernization is essential for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business landscape. It allows organizations to enhance performance, adapt to changing requirements, reduce maintenance costs, and take full advantage of the latest technologies.

An application modernization assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of existing applications to identify improvement opportunities and develop a roadmap for modernization. It is performed through a thorough analysis of the current state of applications, considering factors like technology compatibility, scalability, and security. The assessment process involves evaluating code quality, infrastructure, and assessing the alignment of applications with current business needs and industry standards.

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