Build a Nearshore Development Team

Augment your team with the right expertise at the right price

Outsource your business functions and software development to a nearshore IT partner and benefit from the efficiency gains of working with a partner in close proximity, cultural compatibility, and a skilled workforce.

Our Services

Nearshore outsourcing solutions for a range of services

Software Development

Our nearshore software development solutions ensure high-quality, scalable, and cost-effective software products tailored to your specific needs. With our experienced team, we deliver innovative solutions to drive your business forward.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

From implementation to customization and support, through nearshore team augmentation, we help optimize your CRM and ERP processes, streamline operations, enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.

Microsoft Power Platform

From building custom apps and automating workflows to creating immersive reports and dashboards, maximize the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform with our nearshore services and transform their business processes.

Data and AI

From ML engineers and data scientists to data engineers, get access to top talent and benefit from our nearshore Data and AI solutions to turn your data into actionable insights and drive intelligent decision-making.


Whether it’s migrating to the cloud, managing infrastructure, or leveraging cloud-native solutions, embrace the agility and scalability of cloud computing with our nearshore cloud services and create a future-ready digital infrastructure.

Benefits of nearshore outsourcing

Create scalable teams that adapt to your needs

Experience the benefits of exceptional IT outsourcing services by partnering with a nearshore provider located close to your premises. Managing your nearshore team setup becomes hassle-free!

Cultural parity

Shared cultural values and business practices promote better understanding and smoother integration of outsourcing teams.

Access top-tier talent at competitive rates, optimizing project budgets without compromising on quality or expertise.

Overlapping time zones facilitate synchronous communication, minimizing delays and accelerating project timelines.

Tap into a rich pool of experienced IT professionals proficient in the latest technologies, ensuring high-quality deliverables and innovative solutions.

Streamlined development processes and efficient collaboration enable quicker project completion, helping businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Our process: How to hire a nearshore development team for your business?

Start your nearshore outsourcing journey with confidence.  Discover how to hire a nearshore development team for your business.


Initial consultation

We begin by scheduling a consultation with your team to discuss your project requirements, goals, and timeline. We work closely with you to understand your needs and tailor our solutions accordingly.


Needs assessment

Next, we conduct a thorough needs assessment to identify the specific skill sets and expertise required for your project, ensuring we assemble a team that aligns perfectly with your objectives.


Team assembly

Once your requirements are clear, we swiftly assemble a nearshore development team comprised of top talent from our network. Rest assured, each team member is carefully selected based on their expertise and experience.


Project kickoff

With your team in place, we kick off the project, establishing clear communication channels and project milestones. Our collaborative approach ensures transparency and accountability throughout the process.


Ongoing support

Beyond project launch, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the success and longevity of your solution. Our commitment to excellence extends far beyond delivery, as we strive to be your trusted nearshore outsourcing partner.

Choose from our engagement models

Integrate skilled professionals into your existing team through our Staff Augmentation services, providing the flexibility and expertise you need to scale your Data, Cloud, Software Development and Microsoft Business Apps projects efficiently. Whether you require short-term support or long-term collaboration, we offer you access to top talent.

Gain access to a cohesive unit of professionals fully committed to your project’s success. Working as an extension of your in-house team, our team of skilled specialists bring specialized skills and knowledge to the table, fostering collaboration and driving innovation.


Strategic nearshore location

Benefit from our strategic nearshore location, strategically positioned to bridge time zone and cultural gaps. With our offices strategically located, we ensure seamless communication and collaboration, enhancing project efficiency and reducing turnaround times.

Top talent pool

Tap into our vast pool of top-tier talent, comprising skilled professionals with diverse expertise and industry knowledge. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that you have access to the best talent in the region, empowering you to build high-performing nearshore teams for your projects.

Scalability and flexibility

Scale your operations effortlessly with our flexible nearshore outsourcing solutions. Whether you need to ramp up resources for a new project or scale down during off-peak periods, our scalable model ensures that you have the right talent and resources at the right time, optimizing efficiency and reducing overhead costs.

Agile development methodologies

Experience agile development methodologies tailored to your project needs. Our agile approach allows for greater flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness, ensuring that your projects stay on track and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Pros of the Nearshore team augmentation

Choose your options: Offshore vs. Nearshore vs. Onshore team model

Explore the optimal team model for your project needs. Discover the benefits of each approach and a decision based on factors such as cost-effectiveness, proximity, and cultural alignment.

Criteria Offshore team Nearshore team Onshore team
Geographical proximity Distant country with time zone differences. Nearby country with similar time zones. Same country with no time zone issues.
Cultural compatibility Potential cultural differences. Shared cultural values and practices. Familiar with local business culture.
Communication efficiency Delayed communication due to time zones. Real-time collaboration and communication. Immediate communication in the same time zone.
Cost-effectiveness Lower hourly rates but potential hidden costs. Competitive pricing without compromising quality. Higher hourly rates but cost transparency.
Talent pool Global talent pool with varying quality. Skilled workforce in nearby countries. Local talent pool with easier recruitment.
Project oversight Requires comprehensive management due to challenges. Easier project management and oversight. Direct and immediate project management.
Flexibility and scalability Flexible but limited scalability due to time zones. Highly flexible engagement with easy scalability. Flexible engagement with easy scalability.

Build a skilled team to kickstart your project

Mobile App Developer

Full Stack Developer

Software Engineers

DevOps Engineer

UI/UX designer

Front-End Developer

QA Engineer

Test Analyst Database Developer

Security Engineer

Automation Engineer

Technical Lead

Release Engineer

System Architect

IT Project Manager

Data Scientist

Integration Specialist

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud Migration Specialist

Cloud Data Engineer

Cloud Automation Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud Application Developer

Cloud Support Engineer

Cloud Solutions Consultant

Cloud Database Administrator

Cloud AI Engineer

Cloud Solution Sales Engineer

Scrum Master

Agile Project Manager

Technical Project Manager

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Engineer

AI Solutions Architect

Data Engineers

Data Analyst

NLP Engineer

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

AI Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Test Automation Engineer

Chatbot Developer

User Adoption Specialist

AI Research Scientist

Machine Learning Scientist

Database Administrator

Quality Analyst

Microsoft Power Platform Developer

Power Platform Consultant

Power Platform Solution Architect

Power Platform Administrator

Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) Lead

Power Platform System Architect

Power Platform Mobile App Developer

Power Platform DevOps Engineer

Power Platform AI Developer

Power Platform Solution Testing Manager

Power Platform Process Automation Analyst

Power Platform Data Scientist

Power Apps and Power Automate Developer

Power BI Report Developer

Power BI Data Engineer

SharePoint Developer

Dynamics 365 ERP Consultant

Dynamics 365 CRM Consultant

Dynamics 365 Solution Architect

Dynamics 365 Project Manager

Dynamics 365 Test Analyst

Dynamics 365 Security Administrator

Dynamics 365 Integration Specialist

Dynamics 365 Principal technical consultant

Data Migration Specialist

Dynamics 365 Data Analyst

Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant

Dynamics 365 Developer

Dynamics 365 QA Consultant

Dynamics 365 Principal Software Engineer

Dynamics 365 Cloud Architect

Dynamics 365 Reporting Analyst

Nearshore development services across industries

We offer nearshore outsourcing solutions that connect you with experts from a range of industries to meet your project requirements more efficiently.


Revolutionize financial services and provide innovative solutions for financial institutions, startups, and technology companies to drive digital transformation and enhance customer experiences.


Transform your retail operations with nearshore development services designed to enhance e-commerce platforms, streamline supply chains, and personalize customer interactions.


Elevate your CPG business with nearshore solutions focused on improving product lifecycle management, demand forecasting, and omnichannel marketing strategies to competitive.


Optimize manufacturing processes, implement smart factory solutions, and enhance supply chain visibility for increased efficiency, cost savings, and sustainable growth.


Enhance patient care and healthcare operations with nearshore development services tailored for healthcare providers, payers, and tech companies, designed to improve outcomes and streamline operations.

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