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Embrace the Cloud revolution: discover new possibilities

The world of digital transformation and cloud adoption is constantly evolving, leaving many organizations feeling the pressure to reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the curve. 

Our team of experts is here to help! We specialize in delivering end-to-end cloud solutions, from strategy to execution and optimization, to ensure your organization is up to speed and ready to tackle any challenge. 


The right balance

At Confiz, our team of experts thinks beyond the usual boundaries to assess your business infrastructure and appetite for risk and agility to orchestrate a cloud strategy that aligns with your objectives.

The right methodology

We understand that each cloud journey is unique and demands innovative methodologies for successful implementation. Hence, we follow a customized approach to help you find the right methodology 

Compliance and data security

Data security is our priority. We ensure compliance in high-risk environments like HIPAA, SOC, PCI, applying information security best practices to secure cloud networks and storage for data security.

Continuity of care

We offer a comprehensive range of delivery services through our Managed Team Extension and AgileSquad teams to help you migrate to the Cloud seamlessly for successful cloud migration. 

Cloud development services and solutions

Be on the front-line of the Digital Revolution, powered by Cloud

By 2024, more than 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional solutions to cloud.​

End-to-end Cloud Strategy Development

We commit to developing cloud strategies with less cost and complexity but with more innovation, agility, and resilience

Cloud Strategy Development Process

global companies

Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, we thrive on building strong relationships and an outstanding reputation. Our aspiration to evolve, innovate and experiment makes us stand out from our competition.

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How to choose the right Cloud Service provider?

Choosing the right Cloud Service provider is an important decision that can significantly impact your business. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a cloud service provider:


  • Start by identifying your specific business needs and requirements. For example, consider your workload, data storage needs, and security requirements.
  • Look for a provider offering a range of features and services that meet your needs. This could include virtual machines, data storage, security, and automation tools.
  • Consider the cost of the service and ensure that it fits within your budget.
  • Choose a provider that offers reliable and high-performance services.
  • Consider the provider’s security measures and compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Make sure the provider offers strong customer support and has clear SLAs for response times and issue resolution.

Is cloud data storage secure?

Cloud data storage can be secure when industry-standard encryption, access controls, and robust cybersecurity measures are in place, but it requires diligent management and compliance with security best practices to maintain that security over time. 

What are the 4 Cloud services?

The four types of Cloud Services include:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): IaaS provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet, allowing users to rent servers, storage, and other infrastructure components on a pay-per-use basis.
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS): PaaS is a cloud computing model that provides a platform for developers to build and deploy applications. The cloud provider manages the infrastructure and operating system, while the user can focus on developing and running their applications.
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS): SaaS is a cloud computing model where software applications are hosted by a third-party provider and delivered over the Internet. Users can access the software through a web browser or app without installing or managing any software on their local device.
  4. Function as a Service (FaaS): FaaS is a cloud computing model where developers can upload and execute code in response to specific events or triggers. The cloud provider handles the underlying infrastructure and scaling, allowing developers to focus on writing code.
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Can I integrate your cloud services with my existing software and applications?

Yes, our cloud services are designed for easy integration with your existing software and applications, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud environment. 

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