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Empower. Enable. Educate


Shared economic and social values

Enriching Communities

Confiz’s ethical framework is built on the foundation of creating shared economic and social value, especially within the communities we operate in.

Supporting People

As an organization, we enable our people to practice empathy and be change advocates that take bold steps, especially in times of need.

Strengthening Institutions

We support and mobilize institutions and organizations working towards a shared goal, to effectively address challenges at hand.

Extending commitment in five focal areas

With CSR at the heart of our culture, we continue to have a vision, purpose, and a strategy to address different social, financial, development, cultural issues through community development, thought-leadership, enablement, empowerment, and stakeholder engagement.




Disaster Relief

Basic life necessities

Our Community

We build and nurture a caring culture


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege

We partner with trusted hospitals and healthcare institutions to provide high-quality medical care, ensuring access for all.


Living the promise to end exclusion to education

Confiz provides scholarships to deserving students in top universities and is a proud sponsor of The Citizen Foundation’s Roshan Basti Campus, providing quality education for 200+ students.

Basic life needs

Embracing ethical responsibility to achieve fair treatment for all

We are dedicated to providing essential life necessities to underprivileged communities, promoting fair treatment and ethical responsibility.

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