Bani Yas Coop

Warehouse management streamlined 

Project Overview

Real-time monitoring. Robust decision making

An Advanced Warehouse Management System (AWMS) built with Microsoft Dynamics AX to drive business efficiency at Bani Yas Cooperative Society. 

Bani Yas the needs

The need

The right inventory at the right time

With the business increasing, Bani Yas Cooperative Society (BCS) needed an effective solution to manage its massive inventory and stocks. As a result, Confiz implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX AWMS to drive the desired business efficiency. 

Key challenges  

  • Managing a massive inventory and stocks 
  • Achieving desired business efficiency 

The Solution

Solidifying opportunities to enhance agility

The solution organized BCS’s warehouse so that each location was labeled with an ID and a barcode. This enabled location-wise inventory visibility in the system, automatic suggestions of put-away locations on designated item locations (whenever the items are received in the warehouse), and controlled item-picking routes while inventory issuance and the traditional stock count would be replaced by cycle counting through handheld terminals. 

What we did

Process OptimizationMicrosoft Dynamics AX AWMSWarehouse managementLocation-wise inventory visibility

The Outcome

Enhanced focus and productivity

Location labeling with ID and barcode

Every storage location within the warehouse was assigned a unique ID and barcode, enabling precise tracking and efficient organization of products. This ensured that items were easily located, reducing search times and errors in picking. 


Automation of logistics operations

Tasks such as order fulfillment, inventory replenishment, and shipment scheduling were automated. This reduced manual labor and enhanced the speed and accuracy of logistics operations.

Location-wise inventory visibility

Real-time visibility into inventory levels at each location within the warehouse helped maintain optimal stock levels, prevent overstock or stockouts, and improve order accuracy.

Reduced warehouse costs

Implementing cost-saving measures such as better space utilization, reduced labor requirements through automation, and efficient inventory management, leading to decreased overall warehouse operating costs.

Designated locations on five different levels

Organizing the warehouse with specific storage locations on multiple levels allowed the client to make the most of vertical space and improve the overall storage capacity and accessibility.

Controlled item-picking routes

 Implementing optimized picking routes to efficiently retrieve items from the warehouse shelves, reduced travel time and labor effort. 

Customer Feedback

“I would like to thank the Confiz team, who have launched the project on time, and we are impressed with the result. We are fully confident that our mutual partnership will open a new era for our company.” 

Boubakar Rahmani
Advisor to the boards

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