Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Create a workplace where people and business thrive

Create a data-driven, people-centric HR

Build relationships, streamline onboarding processes, and enhance employee productivity to effectively manage employee lifecycle. Go beyond traditional personnel management to enhance agility, optimize programs, and transform employee experiences. 

Streamline compensations, leaves, benefits, compliance, and training

Centralize workforce data to make better decisions

Optimize talent acquisition and increase employee retention

Improve rostering and resource demand forecasting

Impact of
Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Engaging employee experiences

Centralize all HR policies at one place and offer employees self-service functionalities to forms and procedures and policies.

Optimized HR processes

Simplify leave programs, develop flexible compensation plans, streamline existing payroll systems, and improve recruitment.

Workforce insights

Take advantage of embedded analytics to track and analyze HR initiatives and generate comprehensive reports on HR KPIs.

Insights and development

Gather employee data in a central database, track employee engagement across set initiatives and create L&D programs as per need.

Maximizing business potential and competitive advantage


Case Study

Maximizing business potential and competitive advantage

Ruba Digital implements a scalable, flexible solution to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Empower Your Workforce with Dynamics 365 HR Demo

Discover how Dynamics 365 HR can transform your HR operations. Enhance employee experiences, streamline talent management, and foster a high-performance culture. With our demo, learn to leverage data-driven insights for strategic workforce planning, benefits management, and compliance.

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Does Microsoft Dynamics have HR?

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes complete with a Human Resources module that connects seamlessly with other Microsoft applications to streamline processes and automate recurring tasks.

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 have payroll?

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers payroll management which allows organizations to easily integrate their existing payroll providers such as Ceridian Dayforce, SurePayroll, Intuit QuickBooks, etc. and deliver payrolls, manage budgets, and file tax. Businesses can also integrate Dynamics 365 Human Resources with Dynamics 365 Finance to comprehensively track their operating expenses.

What are the features of Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Features of Dynamics 365 Human Resources include integration with Microsoft Teams for employee communication, centralized employee profiles, employee empowerment with self-serving tools, team performance and feedback tracking, and employee growth tracking through certifications. The tool also features capabilities to optimize HR programs such as simplifying leave programs, creating compensation plans, developing employee benefits packages, connecting to the existing payroll system, and improving recruitment with LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

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