Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Deliver unified commerce at scale and optimize store operations.

Unify in-store, digital, and back-office operations

Optimize retail operations, increase employee productivity and personalize customer engagement through user-friendly applications, offering native support for omnichannel purchasing. Deliver unified, personalized, and seamless buying experiences across various channels. 

Deliver personalized shopping experiences across multiple channels

Create digital storefronts and execute content-driven commerce strategies

Empower sales teams with AI-driven insights and recommendations

Track products, categories, pricing and assortments across multiple channels


Effective retail merchandising

Manage pricing, minimize stock outs, implement limitless aisle, and create promotions. Give customers the freedom to choose purchasing, payment and delivery options.

Control customer journeys

Observe customer behavior throughout the shopping journey and get a bird’s eye-view of their interactions across all online and offline channels, including third-party applications.

Automate financial processes

Save time and costs by automatically processing vendor invoices, automating credit collections and risk mitigation, and connecting data across multiple applications for effective cross-functional collaboration.

Omnichannel retail support

Unify business operations and data entities across all point-of-sale channels and offer customers seamless support for mobile, in-store, BOPAC, BOPIS, and online sales.

Operational Efficiency with Asghar Ali


Case Study

Operational Efficiency with Asghar Ali

A multi-currency, multi-language ERP solution implemented to capture and integrate evolving core business processes and consequently enhance cross-channel decision making.

Elevate Your Retail Experience with Dynamics 365 Commerce Demo

Explore Dynamics 365 Commerce through our engaging demo to see how it can revolutionize your retail business. Create seamless shopping experiences, manage omnichannel operations, and personalize customer engagement. Boost sales, optimize operations, and build lasting customer relationships with an integrated commerce solution.

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Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce the new name of Microsoft Dynamics Retail?

Yes, previously it was called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail, but it was rebranded later to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. This is the new term that is being used to refer to this module now and it comes loaded with many new features and AI-powered forecasts.

Will the new features in Dynamics 365 Commerce help in offering a better shopping experience to customers?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce comes complete with all features required to offer customers an engaging shopping experience. The module is designed to offer omnichannel shopping support and works seamlessly with mobile, in-store, BOPAC, BOPIS, and online shopping.

Are there any other add-ins with Dynamics 365 for Retail and Commerce?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce offers an intelligent add-ins feature that allows businesses to enhance the customer shopping experience with AI-driven recommendations for their online and in-store customers. The module also allows businesses to enhance their sales experience using AI-moderated ratings and reviews.

What is the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Retail?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Retail. Microsoft removed and deprecated some features. The updates started from February 2020 and continue until today. You can read the updates here.

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