Embrace the Path to Operational Excellence with Dynamics 365

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Grocery businesses, in general, have invested in technologies at a conservative pace over the years. However, the growing need for digitization and changing customers’ preferences in today’s retail landscape have sparked the need for a future-ready solution that enables them to automate their complex operational processes, boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Listen to our exclusive 45-minwebinar to learn how grocery businesses can accelerate digital transformation and achieve operational efficiency through Confiz’s next-generation D365 Super& Hypermarkets Solution.

In this webinar, our expert speakers will cover:

  • Key trends and challenges that are shaping the CPG industry
  • How to sustain growth in grocery retail as ‘normality’ returns
  • Unique perspective of Dynamics 365 Super & Hypermarkets Solution to address grocers’ digitization needs
  • Success Stories of leading Grocers using Dynamics 365


Meet the speakers

Ammar Abuthuraya

Regional Commercial Manager

Bilal Yaqub

Pre-Sales Dynamics Consultant

Mohammed Reza

Director of Business Development