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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Fashion

Tailored Omnichannel Fashion Industry Solution

Transform your business through a simplified fashion industry software

Strategize production processes by planning for upcoming seasons, preventing inventory shortages and overages and reducing supply chain imbalances using a simple solution that brings operations, finances, and third-party applications together in the cloud.

Plan fashion collections, seasonal products and textile divisions

Make budgets based on the final consumption of textiles and raw materials

Develop inventory journals and purchase orders

Manage product exclusivities and price lists for seasonal collections

A scalable software enhanced to meet the unique fashion industry needs

Color, size, and design handling

Efficiently handle multiple product dimensions using an all-up view dashboard and benefit from a quick order entry and editing through a fast and flexible matrix.

Sales order management

Bulk update sales orders and get agile support for pre-and direct sales along with consignments, meeting customers’ delivery and packaging preferences.

Agile inventory management

Take account of inventory surpluses and shortages across all warehouses and stores to ensure optimal allocation of received stock over open orders.

Season management

Plan for seasonal collections using data-powered insights, manage lifecycles of fashion items and control the availability of raw materials and processes.

Omnichannel planning

Use an omnichannel communication platform to manage all e-commerce and m-commerce operations and get a detailed overview of sales budgets to plan for upcoming seasons.

Supply chain management

Gain deep insights into functional areas such as planning, product life cycle, manufacturing and retail with intuitive dashboards featuring fashion-specific KPIs.


Success story

Operational Efficiency with Asghar Ali

A multi-currency, multi-language ERP solution implemented to capture and integrate evolving core business processes and consequently enhance cross-channel decision making.

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Software experts at Confiz are adept at understanding all fashion and textile manufacturing requirements and processes. They listen to your needs and design intelligent solutions that overcome your business challenges.


During implementation, our experts provide extensive training and support to your existing staff. We ensure all your business processes are running smoothly while we implement the new system and migrate data from your previous software.


All our clients are assigned dedicated business analysts who are coordinated with our Microsoft-certified software architects. With our seasoned professionals handling individual projects, our clients can conduct business as usual.

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Does Dynamics 365 only offer cloud-based deployment for fashion ERP and PLM?

Fashion businesses can choose from multiple deployment models such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises options. It all depends on the business needs of such as security, scalability, compliance, budget, and workload. On-premises solutions need expensive IT equipment and professionals for maintenance whereas cloud-based solutions can easily be accessed from the internet using any device.

Why is CRM important for the fashion industry?

A CRM solution will enable fashion manufacturers and retailers to gain detailed information on customers and curate their products accordingly. CRM solutions powered by AI (Artificial Indigence) analytics allow fashion companies to foresee trends and customer demands. All this data allows businesses to improve customer value, retain old customers, increase revenues, and lower costs of promotions.

What systems are required to manage a fashion wholesale business?

Wholesale supply chain processes are complex as everything from designing and production of fashion items to managing warehouse processes, inventory management, retail stores and customers. Therefore, fashion businesses should look for industry-focused solutions that would include ERP, PLM, CRM, warehouse management systems and EDI. This could be coupled with business insights and reporting features to have real-time visibility into core processes.


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