Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing

Smart-manufacturing software solutions to boost efficiency in production and sales

Turn obstructions into opportunities with real-time insights and E2E supply chain visibility

Connect and digitalize planning, production, and sales through a powerful suite of applications tailored for manufacturing industry

Make informed decisions through detailed reports on your suppliers, employees, and clients

Use real-time accessible data to manage inventory from anywhere, anytime

Identify skill gaps and organize the right trainings for employees

Increase ROI and reduce costs by automating tasks and streamlining operations

Boost productivity and unlock customer satisfaction through Dynamics 365 for the manufacturing industry

Keep track of your production processes

Get a unified approach to the right tools and gain a comprehensive view of budgets and workflows. Obtain access to real-time data on all your projects and monitor materials consumption throughout the manufacturing process to accurately track inventory and production costs.

Complete control over inventory

Use intelligent insights to optimize inventory, manage supply scheduling, and get a bird’s-eye view over your manufacturing supply chain. Control all processes from production orders to bills and utilize sales forecasts to predict future demand and elude shortages.

All processes on a single platform

Streamline all factory operations to integrate key departments and increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes. Make your business more agile and perfectly pitched for growth.

Easy supply chain management

Whether you work with subcontractors or manufacture products in-house, Dynamics 365 solutions help you gain complete control and enhanced visibility over your entire supply chain.

Business Process Transformation at Mughal Steel


Case Study

Business Process Transformation at Mughal Steel

Mughal Steel deploys a unified solution for end-to-end visibility across core business processes.

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Why should I go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 manufacturing management system? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the manufacturing industry is a software solution that has all the business process automation needs in one place. It carefully combines all the essential elements of Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM and makes a unique combination to help manufacturing businesses with all the essential elements in their supply chain such as procurement, production, packaging, marketing, sales, and workforce management.

How can manufacturing businesses use Dynamics 365 tools to their advantage?

All manufacturers can benefit from Dynamics 365 by digitally overhauling their business operations. They can easily optimize their supply chain operations and automate most of the tasks for increased efficiency. The intuitive tools and apps of Dynamics 365 can help manufacturers in streamlining their asset management and maximize productivity across the board. Other areas where manufacturers can use these software solutions to their advantage include production control, material and capacity planning, inventory management, job sequencing and scheduling, order promising, quality management, multi-site warehouse management, distribution planning, purchase requisitions, supplier relationship management, and more.

Why do I need the services of an official Microsoft Dynamics 365 manufacturing partner to get started? 

An official Microsoft Dynamics 365 manufacturing partner such as Confiz has specialized engineers who can help manufacturing businesses customize Dynamics 365 applications to their current workflow. Your chosen partner helps from consultation, implementation, integration, data migration, to maintenance. A customized Dynamics 365 will work according to your manufacturing business workflow and allow you to maximize productivity and ease the operational process.

Are Confiz services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 available in all manufacturing business locations?

The technology experts at Confiz specialize in offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to manufacturing businesses in all locations across the globe. Confiz technology teams have already offered services to manufacturing businesses in United States of America (USA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Pakistan. We have decades of professional experience in implementing Dynamics 365 tools and automating business processes of manufacturing organizations. Contact us for more details.

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