Mughal Steel

Business process transformation 

Project Overview

Enhanced agility and business insights

Mughal Steel deploys Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, a unified solution, for end-to-end visibility across core business processes, to maximize productivity, reduce wastage of resources and improve ROI. 

The need

Digitalizing operations and cutting costs

Mughal Steel, the leader in the manufacturing industry, recognized that to support, track, and sustain growth, they had to automate and digitize end-to-end operational processes.  A world-class integrated IT infrastructure was required to track each inventory movement, reconcile financials, and automate workflows to provide qualitative insights for robust decision-making. To achieve this, along with flexible customizations and tighter control of business processes, Confiz, in collaboration with the Mughal Steel team, implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. 

The Solution

Building scalable operational resilience

With the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics AX, platforms for Retail, Supply Chain, Finance, and Human Resources are well integrated and function as a single, coherent workspace. The complex business requirements were translated and captured in the implementation by the experts at Confiz. From procurement to the conversion of raw materials to semi-finished and finished products to maintenance and delivery of products, all business operations are streamlined, resulting in maximized productivity, reduction in wastage of resources, and improved ROI. 

The modern accounting system helps track the right metrics and defines controls and parameters for vendors, imports, exports, discounts and deliveries, etc. This increased information transparency allowed for robust reporting and timely alerts in case there is a deviation from defined controls.  

What we did

Microsoft Dynamics AXImproved ROIOperational agilityRobust reporting

The Outcome

Enterprise visibility and enhanced decision-making

Reporting and strategic planning  

Enhanced reporting and strategic planning for batch and continuous manufacturing processing. 

Informed decision-making  

Informed decisions enabled through integrated processes and qualitative insights. 

End-to-end accountability  

Increased traceability and accountability throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.  

Strategic revenue growth 

Scalable growth with year over year increase in sales revenue by 33%. 

Production revolution  

Enhanced productivity and optimization of resource time by 70%. 

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