Alkaram Studio

Deliver in-store performance 

Project Overview

Real-time monitoring and powerful customer insights

Confiz implemented Shopper Value for Alkaram Studio, transforming the slowest-growth region into a top performer through intelligent people-counting and footfall analytics. 

Al Karam The need

The need

Monitoring conversion goals

Amidst demands for efficiency, Alkaram Studio required a powerful in-store analytics tool in order to address the declining growth in their biggest region in Pakistan over the past two and a half quarters. 

The goal was to monitor crucial retail KPIs, including conversion, basket size, and average order value, to diagnose the problem, implement solutions, and deliver store-wise achievement of revenue targets. 

Key challenges  

  • Declining growth in the biggest region in Pakistan 
  • Need for a powerful in-store analytics tool 
  • Monitoring retail KPIs such as conversion, basket size, and average order value 
  • Diagnosing issues and implementing solutions to achieve store-wise revenue targets 

The Solution

Building a culture of measurability

As Shopper Value was deployed in Alkaram Studio’s stores, training the staff and management to identify hurdles to optimal store performance through data analytics was of utmost priority. Gradually, the focus moved away from reliance on qualitative, sometimes anecdotal feedback from store managers to findings based on hard conversion data. 

Change in leadership based on robust diagnosis was identified as critical to enhancing regional performance. Factors such as IPT, staff performance and service level were enhanced. The result was an improved conversion rate despite a declining footfall in the stores. 

What we did

Shopper ValueFootfall analyticsConversion optimizationData analyticsOptimal store performance

The Outcome

Sales growth and enhanced profitability

Better store performance 

Employees were able to track critical KPIs effectively, which led to improved store performance.  

Accurate diagnosis  

Alkaram Studio’s team performed accurate diagnosis to address management problems and meet conversion goals. 

Improved store-wise growth 

The client achieved store-wise growth targets through consistent monitoring and evaluation. 

Boost in conversion  

Alkaram Studio managed to improve its conversion rates in the biggest retail region despite low footfall. 

Customer Feedback

“Shopper Value is indeed a very powerful technological tool which helps you diagnose your performance challenges and monitor progress by building a culture of measurability in your organization.” 

Rehan Qadri | Khurram Koraishy | Chief Commercial Officer | Alkaram Studio 

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