Microsoft Dynamics 365 Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Modernize retail experience and equalize customer experience across all channels.

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Bridge the gap between online and offline selling to drive greater ROI with omnichannel order fulfillment.

A robust solution that helps fulfill available-to-promise requirements, minimize delivery time and capture crucial metrics to track how your business measures up.

  • Engage customers across all touchpoints
  • Build loyalty and foster lasting customer relationships
  • Fulfill in-store and web orders from the most optimal location
  • Access inventory, customer data, and each store functionality in real-time
  • Streamline operations by integrating ERP, POS, eCommerce and 3PL systems

Key omnichannel order fulfillment features to help you streamline multiple channels into a single process

Success framework

Distribution Order Management

Make possible the most critical component of omnichannel retailing, ‘Buy from anywhere, ship from anywhere’ with our customized solution. Optimize cross-channel order management, get a real-time view of online and in-store inventory and eliminate capacity and fulfillment constraints.

unified commerce

Endless Aisle

Access your inventory from suppliers, stores, and warehouses to get your customers what they want and never lose a sale with our specialized solution. The data bank can also help re-target customers with abandoned carts/leave the store without buying and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Store Fulfillment

Track inbound and outbound merchandise, enable ship from store and in-store pick-up and reduce delays in order completion. The omnichannel fulfillment solution offers you a centralized dashboard to help you manage products, employees, and store performance while maximizing revenue and reducing costs.

Loss prevention

Our out-of-the-box dynamics 365 omnichannel fulfillment solution helps protect revenues and mitigate fraud. The network of connected devices and sensors, real-time data, and pre-set rules highlight irregularities, enhance efficiency by evaluating historical data patterns and offer you data to act upon in case of discrepancies.

6 steps to optimized order fulfillment with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Confiz experience

industry knowledge proficiency

Omnichannel Planning

Every business is different and when it comes to omnichannel implementations, things get tricky. At Confiz, we pay attention to the slightest details, employ a structured approach to understanding your business needs and plan implementation processes accordingly.

comprehensive structured approach

Seamless Execution

Our execution teams ensure your business processes continue as usual while we upgrade them with our specialized omnichannel order fulfillment features. Confiz experts further train your teams not only to use the new system efficiently but also troubleshoot problems.

ms dynamics experts

Professional Support

For every omnichannel project, we assign Microsoft-certified professionals and seasoned business analysts to ensure dependable support even after implementation. Businesses rarely need to hire any dedicated administrator for projects executed by Confiz.

Key Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP apps for omnichannel

customer insights

Customer Insights

Use cross-channel analytics to deliver personalized and engaging shopping experiences

sales management


Increase sales and build long-lasting relationships through user-friendly sales tools

customer service

Customer Service

Deliver personalized customer service through omnichannel communication platforms



Focus on the target audience to generate qualified leads and manage funnels with built-in tools

retail experience


Create rich shopping experiences and manage resources/inventory across multiple channels

supply chain automation

Supply Chain

Manage inventory and minimize costs through automated workflows and shipping operations

hr management

Human Resources

Customize hiring processes and track employee performance from user-friendly dashboards

finance optimization


Generate comprehensive financial reports to improve business financials and boost business growth


years of experience in retail, manufacturing, textile and distribution


engineers, consultants and subject matter experts​


organizations running Microsoft Dynamics powered by Confiz​

Got more questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for omnichannel order fulfillment solution?

Here's everything you need to know

What is omnichannel retailing?

Omnichannel retailing, also referred to as omnichannel commerce, is an approach that helps synchronize customer experience across all touchpoints. Customers get the same seamless shopping experience regardless of where they are (in-store/online), what device they are using (desktop/smartphone) and what channel they are using (website/email/mobile app).

What are the key challenges in omnichannel?

Below are the four 4 key challenges businesses face when going omnichannel:

  • Data discrepancies with information coming from multiple sources
  • Inventory challenges resulting from overstocking and understocking
  • Difficulty in user identification with customers quickly moving between channels
  • Inability of legacy systems to adjust to modern omnichannel operations

What are the benefits of omnichannel?

Here are the four 4 core benefits of omnichannel:

  • Faster shipping at reduced costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction through personalized experiences
  • Cross-channel inventory visibility in real-time
  • Reduced friction while facilitating exchanges and returns

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