Microsoft Dynamics 365 for grocery industry

An end-to-end, omnichannel solution for grocery retail that manages large stock quantities, streamlines GST billing, offers secure payments, increases checkout speed, and provides business insights.

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Running a grocery business is not as easy as it used to be

Managing grocery businesses is getting challenging with new customer expectations. Safety is a major concern and there is a high demand for online purchasing and contact-less delivery. With more inventory items, stores are getting bigger and there is a dire need for improved logistics coupled with streamlined sales and returns mechanism.

Grocery retailers need to invest in a cloud-based supply chain management software to manage their daily operations and automate repetitive yet important tasks to spur growth across all channels. A software offering real-time inventory visibility and remote control over perishable items is crucial for the success of grocery businesses today.

Manage fresh stock, offer speedy checkouts, and enjoy growing margins

Streamline fresh stock handling, dry inventory management, GST & VAT taxation, accounting, and deliveries among other operational needs. Use enriched insights to understand how your customers interact with your grocery business and proactively address their needs.

  • Speed up checkout process
  • Build omnichannel shopping experiences
  • Manage perishable and fresh stock efficiently
  • Serve customers better with real-time data insights
  • Increase employee efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction

All your grocery management needs in one intuitive software solution

Explore our specialized features that help grocery businesses manage inventory, product labeling, online orders, checkouts, traceability, and business intelligence.

Success framework

Efficient warehousing

Cut up to 60% of time used on managing warehouse processes by intelligent automation of recurring tasks. Reduce losses caused by wastage of products and gain complete control over your inventory.

unified commerce

Fresh food management

Manage your fresh food isles and perishable items from a single cloud-based software solution. Maintain the right temperatures using IOT (Internet of Things) to reduce waste and costs in your grocery stores.

Swift checkouts

Speed up your checkout process using intuitive software that works the way your employees want it to. Increase staff efficiency and reduce long queues for utmost customer satisfaction.

Smart product pricing

Change product prices easily from anywhere using electronic shelf labels and integrated wireless technology. React quickly to the market changes and always feature updated prices in all stores.

Intelligent rack management

Manage all your products rack-wise and easily locate them at any time. Maintain stocks of multiple items and generate comprehensive reports (rack-wise) to track all products featured in your stores.

Digital payments

Accept digital payments from customers and offer contact-less billing to meet new customer expectations. Experience e-invoicing, maintain VAT/GST compliance and generate reports for tax filing.

Safe shopping

Provide safe shopping experiences to your customers by offering contact-less QR code ordering in stores, online ordering through apps, and digital payments using a single software solution.

Loyalty points and discounts

Attract more customers by offering discounts and build customer retention through loyalty programs. Offer returns in store credit and keep your customers coming back for repeat business.

The Confiz experience

industry knowledge proficiency

Structured consultation

At Confiz, our software experts understand your grocery management requirements and recommend intuitive solutions to overcome your business barriers. Our software solutions are well tuned to translate your existing business process as well as connect with your existing technology infrastructure.

comprehensive structured approach

Migration and implementation

We offer extensive training and support during the implementation process. Data migration is carried out using the best practices so our clients can make the most out of their new software solutions and generate comprehensive reports using data from previous solutions.

ms dynamics experts

Dependable support

All our customers are assigned Microsoft-certified software architects and dedicated business analysts to provide reliable support during and after implementation. With our seasoned professionals handling individual projects, our clients can conduct business as usual.

Success story
Business efficiency for a large supermarket chain with Microsoft Dynamics

An Advanced Warehouse Management System (AWMS) built with Microsoft Dynamics AX to drive business efficiency at for a retail supermarket chain.

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Key Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP apps for grocery

customer insights

Customer Insights

Use cross-channel analytics to deliver personalized and engaging shopping experiences

sales management


Increase sales and build long-lasting relationships through user-friendly sales tools

customer service

Customer Service

Deliver personalized customer service through omnichannel communication platforms



Focus on the target audience to generate qualified leads and manage funnels with built-in tools

retail experience


Create rich shopping experiences and manage resources/inventory across multiple channels

supply chain automation

Supply Chain

Manage inventory and minimize costs through automated workflows and shipping operations

hr management

Human Resources

Customize hiring processes and track employee performance from user-friendly dashboards

finance optimization


Generate comprehensive financial reports to improve business financials and boost business growth


years of experience in retail, manufacturing, textile and distribution


engineers, consultants and subject matter experts​


organizations running Microsoft Dynamics powered by Confiz​

Got more questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for grocery industry?

Here's everything you need to know

Does Dynamics 365 for grocery offer mobile traceability?

Dynamics 365 comes complete with mobile traceability features that allow grocery businesses to place product safety and source information at their customers’ fingertips via mobile devices. Grocery businesses can offer their customers the ability to easily trace purchased items from any mobile devices connected to the internet using Dynamics 365. This provides much-needed peace of mind to customers and boost brand loyalty/advocacy.

Why should I upgrade/integrate my existing grocery retail management platform to MS Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for grocery gathers all functionalities of ERP and CRM in one software system and seamlessly works across all components as well. Businesses can choose apps they will be needing for their business processes and pay only for those that are needed. Microsoft Dynamics is user-friendly and easily integrates with Outlook, Power BI (Business Intelligence), Office 365, Cortana, and more. The built-in data analytics tool in Dynamics 365 assists in strategic planning and tactical decision making. The software is available in both on-Premises and cloud versions.

Does Dynamics 365 for grocery offer warehouse and inventory management functionality?

Dynamics 365 for grocery optimizes warehouse processes, simplifies reporting, and manages order data in real time. The system enables grocery clients to decrease on-hand inventory and packaging, minimize loss and waste, ensure fresher inventory for customers, and achieve high yields from raw materials. Dynamics 365 for grocery also includes Power BI and Cortana Intelligence which empower businesses with analytical insights and provide prescriptive guidance so users can decide the best course of action for the future.

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