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Navigating the new landscape of physically segregated yet digitally connected operations with AWMS

The global pandemic and rise of eCommerce have placed additional stress on supply chains. The traditional “siloed” approach to inventory and supply chain management does not work anymore and has evolved into a multi-faceted approach. Today, optimizing inventory forms an integral part of businesses’ strategic planning to make sure customer demands are met across all channels during these testing times of economic and social disruption. Hence, there is an increasing need to cope with adjusting inventory counts, make space for work in process (WIP), automate order delivery and introduce smaller decentralized warehouse locations.

With eCommerce changing the way people shop and how businesses operate, a state-of-the-art automated warehouse management solution can address all pain points. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management Solution (AWMS) helps businesses optimize routine warehouse processes, improve material handling efficiency and labor productivity, maximize space utilization and enable multichannel fulfillment.

Join this webinar to learn about new capabilities of AWMS that work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to seamlessly connect physical and digital stores.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How has eCommerce (or the new normal) changed retail and warehouse management?
  • Resolving inbound, outbound and warehouse operation challenges with volumetrics and warehouse mobile device.
  • Success stories of retailers who carved and executed growth strategies to eventually lead the market channel.
  • A practical roadmap for execution.

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Meet the presenters

Mahum Faheem

Solution Architect - Confiz

An IT and Microsoft certified professional, Mahum brings over 6+ years of experience working with various industries and has delivered numerous Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects. Currently, she is working as a Solution Architect and has hands-on experience in the implementation of Retail, Supply Chain, Advanced Warehouse Management, and Omni-channel integration projects.

Ali Danish

Principal Functional Consultant Dynamics - Confiz

Ali holds remarkable domain knowledge and subject matter expertise for Procurement, Merchandising, Trade and Logistics, Supply chain Management, Production, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Assurance. Being a digital transformation expert, he has helped many businesses build and scale their operations with solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365/ AX/  ERP.