How Tax Automation in D365 can be a Competitive Advantage for Multi-Location Retail

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With multiple channels, products, and adjustments, retailers have to continually adapt while complying to complex government regulations. Numerous sales tax jurisdictions and state-by-state variability in rates and rules further add to the tax challenges arising from the digitalization of the economy.

That’s why an increasing number of businesses choose to automate their sales tax management to increase accuracy, ensure continual compliance and reduce audit risks while offering seamless customer experience across channels.

The Vertex solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps retailers address all tax challenges in a multi-channel environment. It enables them to reduce the time and effort to perform sales and use tax calculations, gain greater accuracy of returns and compliance data, improve scalability to meet changing sales and use tax requirements and reduce overall operating costs.

Join Confiz, a global IT services and solutions provider for multiple fortune 100 clients, and Vertex, a leading provider of tax technology and services, to learn how to automate and optimize your sales and use tax processes, while maximizing ROI.

The panel will bring insights into:

  • Technology trends in the retail industry
  • Evolving tax regulations for multiple location retailers
  • How Vertex tax automation solution and Microsoft Dynamics 365 successfully address key tax challenges
  • How and why retailers are choosing Vertex to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize risk

Meet the speakers

Peter Olanday

Director Retail Consulting,

Vertex US

Michael Bernard

Chief Tax Officer,

Vertex US

M.Shahid Yaqoob

Senior Director Professional Services,

Confiz US