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How to increase your sales retail data analytics


Let’s face it, data is the key to achieving success in the retail industry today. You can’t rely on guesswork anymore. The retail landscape is getting competitive and if you are not relying on hard data or retail analytics, you are not making those smart decisions that will improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and improve […]

How to create a great customer experience strategy – Proven transformation tips


Since 2020, retail businesses have been facing fierce competition in the industry. The sudden evolution of customer expectations has added further fuel to the fire. Retailers know that their customers already have plenty of choices online to spend their time and money. If they fail to give their customers compelling reasons to shop at their […]

How to improve customer satisfaction in retail


Customer satisfaction in the retail business comes from a solid relationship between the business and the customer. Essentially, it is always a two-way street, but many retail businesses fail to understand this and end up with low levels of customer satisfaction. Retail customers buy your products when you are forthcoming, honest, and a problem solver. […]

How to upsell and cross-sell in retail effectively: 5 points to ponder


Selling things your customers are already interested in is easy. They ask you about a product, you confirm its availability, they pay you and the product is dispatched to their preferred location. Is that enough for you or should you be trying to pursue ways to increase their basket size? If you are happy with […]

How to use real-time data to optimize retail store staff hours


In the post-pandemic world, it only seems natural to expect a fall in the traffic flow in retail stores, especially in the face of intermittent lockdowns, occupancy limits, and stringent SOPs. As a result, people counting has become increasingly important for retailers as they aim to ensure optimal staff levels in retail outlets to improve customer […]

How to grow your seasonal retail business in 2023 – Tried and tested strategies


As a retail business, the product range you offer might fall under the umbrella of “seasonal sales.” What repercussions does it have on your business and how do you tackle them?   The curse of seasonal sales is felt by many retail businesses, from holiday-related products (decorations, food, event management) to beverages like coffee and […]

Retail Management System (RMS) Guide – How to stay ahead of the competition in 2023


Let’s cut to the chase. We all know that the last two years have been a roller-coaster ride for retail businesses around the world. With their buyers spending months in quarantines, and the market experiencing a phased recovery in 2020 and 2021, physical retail stores have learned to recognize major changes in standard operating procedures […]

Confiz co-hosts live webinar on holiday marketing season strategies with D•engage


Thursday, 16th December 2021 – Confiz in collaboration with D•engage hosted a live webinar ‘Conquer the numbers and meet the demands of holiday 2021 and beyond’ . The webinar aimed to prepare retailers on how to approach the holiday season strategically to maximize sales and returns for their business. The panel included Jessica Stephens, COO […]

What traditional retailers can learn from eCommerce


Do you ever stop to think why e-commerce is rapidly gaining popularity with retailers as a go-to platform to capitalize on their target audience at the lowest cost? On one hand, computer algorithms have enabled big data analytics to track the entire buying journey of customers at every step of the AIDA funnel: awareness, interest, […]