Confiz co-hosts live webinar on holiday marketing season strategies with D•engage

Thursday, 16th December 2021 – Confiz in collaboration with D•engage hosted a live webinar ‘Conquer the numbers and meet the demands of holiday 2021 and beyond’ . The webinar aimed to prepare retailers on how to approach the holiday season strategically to maximize sales and returns for their business. The panel included Jessica Stephens, COO at D•engage, Robert Syversen, Senior Director BD at Confiz, and Jawad Arif, Director Professional Services Microsoft Dynamics 365 at Confiz.

Couldn’t attend it? You can still watch the recording here.

Jessica Stephens, COO at D•engage, kicked off the webinar by giving a walkthrough of the agenda and introducing the speakers. She was then joined by Robert Syversen, Senior Director BD at Confiz, who went on to shed light upon the expertise, offerings, and achievements of Confiz as the Microsoft Gold Partner for ERP.

Speaking on the Retail Consumer Behavior trends 2021​, he expressed, ‘Looking back, Covid-19 has changed consumer behaviour globally, but US consumers exhibited strong optimism and spend in 2021 particularly in recent months, driven by higher-income and younger consumers.’

While elaborating on the eCommerce trends, he discussed how these customers want to connect through multiple touchpoints but expect a similar customer experience across all platforms. Consequently, customer-centricity will continue to drive transformation and, in the journey, retailers might have to suffer customer loyalty if they don’t come up with the right marketing strategies, he further explained.

Jawad Arif, Director Professional Services Microsoft Dynamics 365 at Confiz, then shared his thoughts on what marketing strategies are important to achieve success in the holiday season.  Segmentation, the need to start advertising early, providing seamless mobile experience, and offering a personalized experience to existing and new customers are extremely crucial for surviving in the competitive landscape today.

Jessica also continued to emphasize how omni-channel is the way forward. Through an insightful demonstration session, she explained how ‘The D•engage Formula’ can help retailers gain valuable insights on what is working best for them and which activities are yielding the highest ROI. Being able to deliver the power of personalized messages at scale requires a lot of machinery in the background and that is why retailers like choose the D•engage platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help them segment data and use it from wherever it resides.

The session concluded with Jawad speaking about what you need to ​be successful during the holiday season. For him the key is simple, know your customers but know them well. This can be done through orchestrating the customer buying journey, going omni-channel all the way, and treating well the silent and VIP customers. He further relieved the audience concerned about improving the customer experience of brick and motor stores by discussing and elaborating on Confiz’s customized footfall solution, Shopper Value.

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