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From insights to action: Exploring journeys in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 

The latest Dynamics 365 Customer Insights release wave 2 has introduced a significant change: Dynamics 365 Marketing has been integrated into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, incorporating two distinct components:  This blog delves into the Customer Insights – Journeys side of the platform, exploring its capabilities and functionalities.  Understanding Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys   Dynamics […]

How to increase sales in your grocery retail store?


The global grocery retail market is changing fast. The trends that emerged during the pandemic have significantly reshaped the retail industry. One notable trend is the significant increase in e-commerce grocery sales. In 2019, e-commerce accounted for less than 4% of total grocery sales in the US market. However, projections indicate that by 2030, this figure […]

5 key benefits of supply chain resilience in the retail industry


In today’s volatile business landscape, it has become crucial for organizations to enhance their supply chain resilience, mitigate risks, and ensure uninterrupted operations.Supply chain resilience encompasses the capacity of a supply chain to endure and bounce back from unexpected disruptions, all while upholding operational efficiency and ensuring the timely delivery of products or services to […]

Optimize your retail experience with Dynamics 365 Commerce: An omnichannel solution for retailers

Dynamics 365 Commerce:

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, staying competitive requires businesses to be agile and responsive to meet ever-changing customer expectations, offer a seamless customer experience, and keep pace with tech advancement. Dynamics 365 Commerce, formerly known as Dynamics 365 Retail, is a cloud-based retail solution packed with a range of features and capabilities to help businesses streamline […]

What are the two ways that data analytics benefits retailers?


Data is considered the lifeblood of a retail business. It allows you to unlock a treasure of insights into customer behavior, sales patterns, and market trends. In today’s competitive landscape, data analytics has become a crucial tool for retailers to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge. By harnessing the power of […]

5 proven strategies on how to improve sales in retail performance 2023


It’s easy to tell what is running in retailers’ minds: how to improve retail sales performance online and in-store. Most retailers fight to increase their store’s foot traffic and bring customers back to their store, but within this, they forget the bigger picture: what good are more customers if they are not making the most […]

Confiz attends the Future of Retail Business Summit 2022 as a Silver Sponsor

Confiz was at the second Future of Retail Business Summit & Expo Lahore, 2022, as a proud silver partner! The event, held at the Nishat hotel in Lahore on December 13th, brought together a diverse group of industry professionals to address and find solutions for the current challenges facing the retail sector. The theme of […]

6 key benefits of ERP integration to drive business excellence in retail


Tbe past three years were a catalyst of change for the retail industry. A convergence of forces, including supply chain disruptions, the Great Resignation, inflation, new consumer behaviors, and silos of legacy systems, forced businesses to rethink their strategy. The key is to look for vigilant management responsiveness, embrace automation and explore the benefits of […]

Confiz host a live webinar on how grocery retail businesses can achieve operational excellence


On Monday, 28th November 2022, Microsoft and Confiz hosted “Embrace the Path to Operational Excellence with Dynamics 365”, a live webinar highlighting the need for a future-ready solution to address the challenges of the digital grocery ecosystem. The panel included Mohammed Reza, Director of Business Development at Confiz, Bilal Yaqub, Pre-Sales Dynamics Consultant at Confiz, […]