Confiz host a live webinar on how grocery retail businesses can achieve operational excellence

On Monday, 28th November 2022, Microsoft and Confiz hosted “Embrace the Path to Operational Excellence with Dynamics 365”, a live webinar highlighting the need for a future-ready solution to address the challenges of the digital grocery ecosystem. The panel included Mohammed Reza, Director of Business Development at Confiz, Bilal Yaqub, Pre-Sales Dynamics Consultant at Confiz, and Ammar Abuthuraya, Regional Commercial manager at Microsoft.

Catch up with the discussion by tuning into the recording of the webinar.

Mohammed Reza, Director of Business Development at Confiz, kicked off the session by introducing the guest speakers and giving a walkthrough of the agenda.  

Ammar Abuthuraya, Regional Commercial Manager at Microsoft, led the discussion by highlighting the key trends shaping the CPG industry. He added, “Evolving consumer purchase patterns, attitudes and behaviors, new competitive pressures, and technological advances are among the drivers forcing grocery retailers to adapt and reinvent their supply chain operations.” He suggested,” To stay competitive, drive operational excellence, and innovate, grocery retailers must unlock the power of data and intelligence. Unfortunately, most businesses are managing their supply chain data with a series of disparate and disconnected datasets.”

Bilal Yaqub, Pre-Sales Dynamics Consultant at Confiz, took the stage and further elaborated on the need for unifying data and digitizing operations across the enterprise from the planning stage to when the final product lands in the consumer’s hand. As grocery stores adapt to the string of challenges and struggle to sustain business growth, the most common business complexities faced by grocers across the board include managing store assortments, complex vendor agreements, maintaining inventory accuracy across the supply chain, back-end margin calculations and third-party stocks management.  

Bilal introduced the audience to Confiz’s futuristic D365 Super and Hypermarkets Solution that enables grocery businesses to accelerate digital transformation, achieve operational efficiency and drive growth. This state-of-the-art solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations perfectly addresses the needs and challenges of businesses across the grocery retail industry.  

While shedding light on the benefits of this solution, Bilal said “Dynamics D365 Super and Hypermarkets Solution automates all processes, from inventory management to supply chain operations. It gives your business end-to-end financial visibility and the power to make data-driven decisions through embedded analytics, AI-driven insights, and financial reporting. The core capabilities where this solution shines the most include: assortment and procurement planning, streamlining supply chain operations, automating and strengthening in-store operations, and complete financial control.”

The webinar concluded with Mohammed Reza, Director of Business Development at Confiz, sharing success stories of clients who have implemented D365 Super and Hypermarkets Solution to automate traditional retail processes and drive operational excellence.  

If your grocery retail business is facing the same challenges, get in touch for consultancy and learn how our solution can streamline legacy grocery retail operations, enhance profitability and improve customer satisfaction scores.