How to use footfall analytics to improve customer service?


Footfall analytics leverages the latest technology to count and track customers in your retail stores. It provides deep insights into customer psychology, preferred shopping hours, customer hotspots in your store, etc. The data collected from store counters or people counting solutions can be used to improve customer experience in retail.   Footfall analytics impact on […]

How to ensure optimum staff levels using footfall and in-store analytics solution


When it comes to running physical retail stores, many businesses struggle with one major concern: are they overstaffed or understaffed? Finding and ensuring optimal staffing levels is critical to improving the efficiency of a retail business. If a store is understaffed or overstaffed, either condition will have a deep effect on the behavior, productivity, and […]

How to improve in-store experience using footfall analytics


Good customer service can be termed the backbone of any thriving retail business. This is the reason why your retail store staff prioritizes frictionless communication to tend to customer needs in a timely fashion.   We know from research that 83% of customers expect to engage with someone immediately when contacting a company. As opposed […]

How to optimize retail marketing campaigns using footfall analytics


How do you know if your marketing efforts are translating into enhanced revenue in your stores? Measuring the impact on footfall of marketing campaigns is not just important to gauge success but also gives you the benchmark to improve on marketing strategies and campaign planning.   Footfall analytics tools such as Shopper Value are designed to support […]

Optimizing staff productivity through footfall analytics


Sharp focus on staff productivity and service level intensity has a vital role in improving service quality and enhancing conversion for retailers who want to boast store efficiency. Footfall data, also known as people counting data, has now made it easier than ever for the retailers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their stores […]

How does an occupancy solution work?


Social distancing has cornered many businesses into some exceedingly demanding situations. There are occupancy caps being placed in retail stores as businesses need to manage operations with limited capacity per square foot in their retail outlets. Owing to these restrictions, retail businesses are now actively monitoring in-store occupancy to ensure smooth traffic management. How does […]

How to measure success of marketing campaign through footfall analytics


From a marketing perspective, understanding the effectiveness of various campaigns as compared to each other and year over year are critical. Understanding which sales levers are being activated by each campaign can help drive store and company performance. Driving traffic, average spend and conversion are important components to help build a variety of marketing initiatives […]

How to ensure your customer safety and staff safety in-stores


Convincing customers it’s safe to shop in your store is challenging business owners have likely never faced before. Amidst Covid-19, customer-facing businesses such as retail stores must implement clear, stringent measures to ensure their staff members’ and customers’ physical and psychological safety. It is essential to develop a comprehensive strategy to decrease the spread of […]