How does an occupancy solution work?

August 25, 2021

Social distancing has cornered many businesses into some exceedingly demanding situations. There are occupancy caps being placed in retail stores as businesses need to manage operations with limited capacity per square foot in their retail outlets. Owing to these restrictions, retail businesses are now actively monitoring in-store occupancy to ensure smooth traffic management.

How does an occupancy solution work?  

An occupancy solution is a technological tool which allows businesses to count the occupancy level in their stores using a device fixed on the door of the store’s main entrance. The device counts the number of visitors coming in and going out of the store. It further analyzes the traffic flow and comes up with a precise number of occupants inside the store to ensure compliance of occupancy caps.  

With this solution, store managers can display occupancy recommendations to their customers queuing outside. Messages such as ’Please wait’ and ’Safe to enter’ are displayed on screens to act as a guide and provide store visitors with psychological safety translating into a safe shopping experience.

Solutions such as Occupancy Solution by Shopper Value also allow managers to display estimated waiting time for the customers. This way, the traffic is automatically regulated and expectations of queuing customers are also be managed.