D365 Supply Chain Management gets smarter: A closer look at Copilot and Demand Planning Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Today’s supply chains are more global and interconnected than ever before, yet they also face heightened risks of disruption. Supply chain leaders are constantly challenged to enhance productivity, bolster resilience, and foster innovation amidst rising costs and labor pressures. According to Forbes, supply chain digitalization and transparency are among the top concerns of business leaders […]

Maximizing ROI: Leveraging Microsoft Business Application Managed Services for business growth

Managed services

Organizations today are facing relentless pressure to innovate, expand, and outpace competitors. According to recent research by Gartner, businesses prioritizing digital transformation are expected to outperform competitors by 25% in profitability by 2024. To thrive in this dynamic environment, businesses are constantly exploring new avenues to drive growth, boost efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. […]

The convergence of AI in CRM and ERP: Emerging trends and best practices

AI in ERP and CRM

In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations constantly seek practical solutions to elevate operations and drive value. Among the myriad of technological advancements, AI has emerged as a frontrunner in spearheading this transformative journey. There is no doubt that AI has evolved beyond mere buzzword status, becoming an essential force that is propelling us into the […]

From insight to action: A savvy leader’s guide to building an intelligent supply chain

intelligent supply chain

The increasing complexity of supply chains and challenges in global distribution have compelled companies to modernize their supply chain management for effective demand forecasting and planning. Traditionally, supply chains were designed with the assumption that materials are readily available, enabling sourcing, production, and distribution at the lowest-cost locations worldwide. However, the landscape has evolved. In […]

Introducing Microsoft Copilot for Finance: Where AI-powered efficiency meets finance 

The finance department is a cornerstone of every organization, overseeing critical functions like quote-to-cash processes, credit and collections, compliance, and risk management. In addition to these core responsibilities, financial teams are tasked with analyzing real-time data to assess business performance and offer growth recommendations. However, 80% of the finance leaders and teams need help balancing […]

The retail revolution: Harnessing Generative AI for competitive advantage 

Generative AI has ignited a global buzz with its boundless potential to transform how we innovate, create, and interact with technology. From creating content and realistic images to summarizing documents and composing videos, generative AI’s capabilities are reshaping the creative landscape. Owing to its remarkable capabilities, about 82% of businesses are exploring or employing generative […]

How to leverage Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to support a modern data estate 

Businesses often face challenges associated with fragmented or dismantled data. This can include issues such as data silos, where information is scattered across different systems or departments, making it cumbersome to access and analyze effectively. Additionally, outdated or incompatible systems may hinder the integration and sharing of data, leading to inefficiencies and errors in decision-making […]

Driving sales productivity with next-gen AI: A closer look at Microsoft Copilot for Sales

With Artificial Intelligence disrupting every other field, the sales industry is another one to be touched by its impact. A report by HubSpot says that 78% of sales professionals believe AI can significantly enhance efficiency. Further reinforcing this notion, research by Gartner suggests that to drive positive sales outcomes, sellers should leverage AI-powered technologies like […]

Empowering contact centers through Gen AI: A closer look at Copilot for Service  

Most organizations struggle with siloed data. Their knowledge is distributed across disparate data, and we are not just talking about organizational data but customer data as well. From customer records to case histories, this data is stored on more than one or multiple systems. Additionally, the information is scattered across knowledge base articles, offline documents, […]