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How to optimize retail marketing campaigns using footfall analytics

September 30, 2021

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How do you know if your marketing efforts are translating into enhanced revenue in your stores? Measuring the impact on footfall of marketing campaigns is not just important to gauge success but also gives you the benchmark to improve on marketing strategies and campaign planning.  

Footfall analytics tools such as Shopper Value are designed to support marketing campaign optimization by offering multiple KPI-centric features. Nowadays, companies such as Hush Puppies Pakistan are successfully using footfall analytics to evaluate their segmentation and targeting strategies to get the right customers in the stores.

View Hush Puppies Pakistan case study.

Features on campaign comparison help users access performance data of multiple campaigns with an overview of various retail KPIs including conversion, average sales price and revenue per visitor. Through this, you can identify commonalities in successful campaigns and use the success factors to optimize future campaigns.  

Stores response to campaigns can also help you identify which stores are more equipped to convert visitor influx into sales in response to your marketing efforts. If store A and store B have the same percentage increase in traffic, why is that one store is able to close more transactions than the other? Answering such questions can give you deeper insights into product placements, staff motivation, service level intensity etc.

Informed decisions go a long way when it comes to building brands and garnering customer confidence. Improvements based on low performing KPIs will facilitate better outcomes from your future campaigns.

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