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How to measure success of marketing campaign through footfall analytics

August 9, 2021

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From a marketing perspective, understanding the effectiveness of various campaigns as compared to each other and year over year are critical. Understanding which sales levers are being activated by each campaign can help drive store and company performance. Driving traffic, average spend and conversion are important components to help build a variety of marketing initiatives like new acquisition, brand loyalty, or higher customer spend.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Campaign Measurement, a new tool for Shopper Value – Gold, to help you measure and track campaign performance data without having to manually collect and piece it all together. You can define all your campaigns in one place and breeze through your analysis to have a deeper understanding of how campaigns fared. With Shopper Value, you can now define all your campaigns and analyze them in two easy to understand reports.

1) Compare campaigns

The compare campaigns report is designed to make it easy for you to understand the efficacy of various campaigns in activating different sales levers. The report makes it very easy to understand how each KPI did in a certain campaign to easily know what type of campaigns are more impactful on each respective KPI. This would help understand and be able to plan and design campaigns that drive your marketing objectives successfully.

2) Store response to campaigns

The store response to campaign report helps in easily visualizing how different stores responded to a campaign on dimensions of different KPIs. In a very easy to visualize manner it’s easy to spot what stores did not do well on what KPI and need improvements in operational or marketing strategy to drive better results in future campaigns.