Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales in Dubai

A collaborative sales engagement solution that accelerates revenue, personalizes customer interactions, and builds deeper relationships.

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Connect sellers with buyers through Dynamics 365 Sales

Reach out to customers on their preferred communication channels, streamline sales cycles, predict revenue fluctuations, and empower sales professionals with real-time insights on the market, competition, and customer sentiments.

  • Predict customer behavior and manage sales pipelines
  • Replace intuition with real-time sales insights
  • Improve sales performance with AI
  • Automate tasks to streamline sales processes
  • Get data and make sales from anywhere with native mobile apps

Manage customers, generate leads, close deals, and increase revenue with Dynamics 365

Success framework

Digitalize sales experience

Centralize customer data to connect people and processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, a cloud-based CRM solution that creates responsive and personalized sales and customer service experiences.

unified commerce

Fast-track sales performance

Get an easy-to-reference dashboard that offers one-click suggested actions, deals notifications, and customer account improvement recommendations to allow your sales team to improve closure rates.

Manage sales pipelines

Use automated insights to make accurate forecasts and manage collective and individual sales pipelines. Identify high-potential prospects and highlight focus areas from top to bottom of the sales funnels.

Improve customer interactions

Get hybrid selling capabilities, share customer information with context among teams, analyze buying behaviors, understand customers’ emotions and improve customers account relationships at risk.

Success story
A global perfume retailer achieves operational efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365

A multi-currency, multi-language ERP solution implemented to capture and integrate evolving core business processes and consequently enhance cross-channel decision making.

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Key Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP apps for sales in Dubai

customer insights

Customer Insights

Use cross-channel analytics to deliver personalized and engaging shopping experiences

sales management


Increase sales and build long-lasting relationships through user-friendly sales tools

customer service

Customer Service

Deliver personalized customer service through omnichannel communication platforms



Focus on the target audience to generate qualified leads and manage funnels with built-in tools

retail experience


Create rich shopping experiences and manage resources/inventory across multiple channels

supply chain automation

Supply Chain

Manage inventory and minimize costs through automated workflows and shipping operations

hr management

Human Resources

Customize hiring processes and track employee performance from user-friendly dashboards

finance optimization


Generate comprehensive financial reports to improve business financials and boost business growth


years of experience in retail, manufacturing, textile and distribution


engineers, consultants and subject matter experts​


organizations running Microsoft Dynamics powered by Confiz​

Modern, scalable, adaptable industry solutions

Intelligent business solution to streamline business operations and engage customers the right way.

Explore Dynamics 365 for Retail

Omnichannel fashion industry solution tailored for changing trends, industry regulations, customer demands, and sustainability initiatives.

Explore Dynamics 365 for Fashion

An end-to-end, omnichannel solution that manages large stock quantities, offers secure payments, and provides business insights

Explore Dynamics 365 for Grocery

Powerful textile supply chain management solution to digitalize your value chain and spur growth across all channels

Explore Dynamics 365 for Textile

Smart-manufacturing software solutions to boost efficiency in production and sales

Explore Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

A comprehensive solution to help enhance real-time visibility, streamline inventory flow and control operational costs

Explore Dynamics 365 for Wholesale

Got more questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Here's everything you need to know

What is Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is an insights-based sales acceleration module developed for businesses looking to connect their sales teams with customers through the preferred channels to promote individualized selling at scale. In short, this intuitive platform allows companies to help their customers in buying their products and empower their sales teams to sell products easily.

What are Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales features?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales offers businesses sales boosting features such as contextual AI, advanced insights, adaptable sales solutions, unified sales productivity tools, integration with Microsoft products, smarter client relationships insights, and improved coaching and sales performance.

Is Dynamics 365 sales a CRM?

The app Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a part of the Dynamics 365 CRM platform that specializes in sales pipeline management and offers complete transparency into customer relationship activities. It allows businesses to benefit from configurable automation, enforce business rules, and guide their employees through company best practices.

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