6 actionable ways to improve customer service in retail

March 10, 2023

It is no secret that retail touchpoint experiences affect average basket value and customer satisfaction. Statistics show that 89% of customers are more inclined toward making a new purchase after a positive customer service experience.  

Additionally, through excellent customer service, companies can nurture brand loyalty, boost efficiency and attract talent. If you look at customer service from this angle, you can use your capacity to deliver excellent experiences to scale up your business profitably.

This is why business owners are always wondering how to improve customer service in retail. So, let’s see how we can do exactly that.  

How to improve customer service in retail?  

Efficient customer service has the power to make or break your business. It determines whether customers only use your service once or make a repeat purchase. This notion is reflected in a survey conducted in 2022, where 94% of responders mentioned that a positive customer service experience made them more likely to purchase again.  

A smart strategy to elevate customer service helps you scale your business for sustainable growth. Moreover, it improves your company’s standing amidst the fierce competition in the retail industry. Following are six actionable ways companies can boost their customer service in retail:  

Adopt an omnichannel customer service strategy

One of the best ideas to improve customer service in retail is to interact with your customers on various platforms.

The proliferation of digital channels and advancement in communication technologies has pushed businesses to opt for an omnichannel customer support strategy. In doing so, they can manage interactions across multiple channels such as webchats, call centers, emails, and more.

For instance, a customer support conversation might begin on Facebook, then continue via emails and end in a phone call- all in a seamless connected experience. In this way, customers can smoothly transition between communication touchpoints without experiencing any disruption.  

Holistico, a D365 customer service solution, is built with the same approach. It helps retailers digitally accelerate their customer support and inquiry resolution process. Moreover, it provides agents with a single interface to deliver frictionless support and elevate the customer experience.  

Automate your customer service operations

One of the ways to improve customer service in retail is by employing the right technology to offer tailored experiences. Unfortunately, as businesses grow, so does their customer base, making it difficult to provide personalized customer service to everyone.  

Automation allows a more scalable approach to customer service, allowing businesses to handle many customer inquiries and requests easily. The best thing about embracing automation is that it handles tedious tasks, providing customers with quick solutions to their queries and leading to less workload for the agents.  

When mundane tasks are automated, agents can focus on other important situations that require a more personal touch. Moreover, they can analyze customer churn rates and audit team performance with the help of the right software.

As a result, technology enables businesses to enjoy significant cost savings and enhanced customer loyalty.  

Make sure your crew is trained

Another great way to improve customer service in retail store is by teaching your crew to give effective customer support throughout the sales process. Communicating effectively and understanding your customers’ needs helps the team respond to their queries more promptly.

Additionally, your staff should be well-versed in the product they sell to answer all questions accurately. Finally, by holding regular training courses, businesses can improve their team’s communication and problem-solving skills. This leads to an empathic and efficient team that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on the customers.  

Provide informative product demos

A well-executed product demo highlights the product features, benefits, and usage- creating a memorable customer experience. It makes customers feel valued when they receive personalized attention. Consequently, it acts as a great way of improving customer service in retail.

Product demonstrations help boost brand awareness by allowing you to engage with and inspire your customers in their buyer journey. Moreover, you can build trust with your customers by assisting them in selecting between varied options.

As a result, a good customer experience can lead to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Additionally, when customers feel confident in their purchase decision, they are less likely to return the product or complain about it later.

Professionally deal with complaints

With the rise in word-of-mouth marketing, it is important to nurture positive customer experiences. However, that is only possible if agents listen to and respond appropriately to complaints. Complaints reveal a problem with your merchandise, personnel, or internal operations.  

Moreover, they let you know whether your customer service in retailing is improving or declining. By learning about these issues from your clients, you can investigate them and make improvements to stop future complaints.  

Acknowledging and rewarding customer service  

Recognizing customer service is an important aspect of building a successful business. By acknowledging and rewarding exceptional service, companies can motivate and retain employees. This helps them improve their reputation, differentiate themselves from competitors and create a culture of service excellence.

Only by creating a culture of appreciation can you make your employees feel like they are doing valuable work. Likewise, by rewarding good customer service, you can motivate your team to be at their best.  As a result, your customer service can improve as a whole and lead to enhanced brand loyalty.  

Transform the way your customer sees you with Confiz  

With customers central to every business’s success, the age-old question remains: How to improve customer service in the retail business? The answer is simple. Companies can foster long-lasting client relationships by nurturing positive customer experiences and offering individualized services.  

Moreover, by swiftly solving complaints, providing informative product demos, and training agents, companies can empower their customer service teams to perform better. All these steps become that much easier by implementing smart technology.  

Confiz empowers customer service teams with its nifty solutions. Its powerful customer service solution allows teams to keep customers at the center of their business. Additionally, it offers teams an integrated customer service system that enables agents to improve their customer support and automate their inquiry resolution process.  

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