The need for omnichannel customer service is greater than ever!

Today, the way users interact with brands is evolving remarkably with continual changes in technology and the proliferation of channels. Switching between multiple devices and touchpoints is the new trend. Customers want to be able to interact instantly with a brand online, via mobile and in the physical store. All with an expectation of consistent customer service across channels. Moreover, around 89% of customers in today’s fast-paced world expect prompt response and query resolution regardless of the channel they use to contact a support team.

This drastic shift in customers’ preferences and behavior has given birth to the concept of omnichannel customer service, which seamlessly integrates customer communications across all channels, both online and offline, into one single source of truth. This allows businesses to empower their agents to provide personalized support, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver a consistent customer experience.

Holistico: A 360-degree customer service solution

Holistico is a comprehensive customer service solution that helps retailers digitally accelerate their customer support and inquiry resolution process. The solution has an overriding objective to fully optimize call center operations and empower agents with a unified view of their customers. Leverage a consistent, single interface to deliver frictionless support and elevate customer experience today!

Boost Agent Productivity

Increase agents' productivity by streamlining and automating your customer service operations. Enhance CSR's case and knowledge management with a 360-degree view of their customers.

Drive Customer Satisfaction

Improve your brand experience and customer satisfaction scores by implementing an omnichannel support model. Ensure quick inquiry resolution through a digital-first customer support system.

Ensure Performance Visibility

Track the performance of your agents, measure CSAT, and identify bottlenecks through built-in dashboards and reports.

Accelerate Business Growth

Have a laser-sharp focus on customer retention and foster brand loyalty by delivering excellent customer experiences. You will witness your business grow naturally!

Solution Framework

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Technology and Compatibility

Holistico is ideal for retail businesses with active call centers seeking to improve customer satisfaction. This solution has built-in capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and It supports integrations with:

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