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Leverage speed and compliance for the ultimate modern employee experience, through Microsoft Power Platform

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Minimize employee turnover, empower the workforce through standardized, consistent processes

Digitize and automate your Human Resource (HR) function to intelligently streamline your workflows and devote the time saved to modernize your employee experience.

Powered by Microsoft Power Platform, HR leaders can move away from document-driven processes towards people-centric decision making and improve employee engagement to create a novel work experience that is hard for other employers to match.

  • Improved retention rates and staff redeployment to higher-value, strategic roles
  • Cut-down printing and storage costs associated with paper-based processing tasks
  • Save costs on expensive administrative errors, security risks and repetitive, redundant tasks
  • Improve the pool of prospective talent through predictive analytics and bias-free screening
  • Streamline the recruitment process and onboarding journey to maximize ROI
  • Add objectivity to strategic decision-making through trends and correlation analysis

Build the HR function driven by workplace championship

Optimize service level

Strategic leadership

Completing manual tasks takes up 14 hours per week of an HR manager’s time. This time can be better spent on culture building and community development.

Optimize marketing campaigns

Objective processes

Using automated workflows during recruitment processes delivers the most suitable candidate match and removes human bias by 43%.

Reduce reaction time

Cultural evolution

80% of HR employees identify improved attitude towards their employer and greater job satisfaction after using HR technologies.

Accelerate delivery and daily productivity

Through process analytics and end-to-end automation, your workforce will now have the time to unlock complex tasks of strategic value.

HR processes digitize

Take the first step towards HR automations through key use cases

microsoft multi-entity growth

Automated recruitment

Automatically filter out the best candidates instead of sifting through piles of resumes submitted for job openings. Through automation, ‘keywords’ based on skillset required can be matched to the prospects’ resumes to find the most suitable fit for the job. HR professionals can then automate the next stages of recruitment including contacting candidates, sending informational emails and arranging self-service interviews.

Travel and expense management

Enhance employee experience through automated expense management to avoid administrative delays. Streamlined workflows not just empower employees who can track the progress on their requests but also help speed up approvals for faster delivery. Data collected through expense tracking provides a holistic picture of employee expenses and can be used to forecast budgets in the future.

Travel expense management enterprise platform

The Confiz experience


Teams and trainings

Our teams of dedicated technology professionals are not just equipped with technical and industry knowledge but also leverage their experience and trainings to constantly engage with the customers to enable opportunities for growth, innovation and evolution. 

mid growth

Advisory and support

Our dedicated account executives working closely with each customer help us achieve our target to go beyond mere implementation of a much-needed solution. With our role as monitors, advisors and trainers, we promote a culture of change. 


Compliance and governance

Keeping up with modern technology and industry standards, we work with non-invasive technology built in compliance with the existing IT infrastructure to minimize disruptions to IT architecture and governance systems.

Powered by Microsoft Power Platform

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