Facilitating the entire data journey to unleash dividends for your organization.​

No longer should data be considered merely bits and bytes – it's a complex value journey that yields the ultimate value

Throughout the data journey, a gamut of methodologies, tools, technologies, frameworks and techniques are used to facilitate data’s journey to its ultimate destination.

The portfolio of data consulting and implementation services covers the complete data journey; battle hardened by our experience and partnership with some of the world’s largest data producers and consumers fortune companies.

Our service offerings cover the data journey

from ingestion all the way to behavioral prediction

Data ingestion

Tools and expertise to extract and prepare data for its value journey

The data originates in various systems, each with its own uniqueness and subtleties, and must pass multiple stages before meaningful analysis.

Curating the right mix of data ingestion tools, architectural best practices and our time-tested methodologies allow us to extract data from the sources and prepare it for its onwards journey.​

Data storage

Cut through the noise of storage options and simplify the complexities of curating the right landscape​

The modern-day data diversity no longer obeys the traditional hierarchy and relational storage structures and requires highly specialized storage tools, curated querying and manipulation design patterns.

Our certified consultants help you make the right choice and curate the right mix of storage options to form the storage landscape that best serves your need.​

Data processing

Clean, convert and aggregate multi-dimensional data so it is readily usable for visualization and analytics​

As multi-dimensional, multi-sourced data lands in the storage layer, it is ripe for processing. If not done right, this may inhibit the overall throughput of the data value journey.

Confiz has the breadth and depth of knowledge and proven track record in delivering processing requirements of some of the world’s largest data producers and consumer organizations.​

Data visualization

Intuitively present, map and decipher the latent message​

Data visualization presents the information in a way that allows to spot trends, inconsistencies and track performance.

Confiz helps you reach your data science and data visualization potential by choosing the right tools and visualization patterns that give the most meaningful depiction of your data so that you can truly see what it’s trying to tell you.​

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning​

Mathematical modeling to evolve from descriptive to prescriptive analytics​

From real-time analytics that trigger activities in dynamic scenarios to deep dashboards with historical data manipulation, we employ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools to deliver intelligence to business operations.

Our approach brings efficiency in enterprise business services organizations through predictive dashboards and data visualizations.​


Ecosystem support through tools, design patterns and frameworks​

Governance cuts through every stage of the data value journey. Every tool in the data value journey must be overlaid with proper governance and security to ensure that maintaining and securing such a complex ecosystem does not become a chore.

Confiz uses industry-best governance tools, design patterns and frameworks to manage the availability, integrity, and security of data.​

Data strategy

Tactical 360° roadmap at the foundation of the data value journey ​

Creating a data strategy is the first and most essential step in establishing a foundation as it dictates the narrative for an organization's digital transformation initiatives.

Confiz helps organizations undergo a smooth transition towards becoming data driven and treating data as an asset, delivering iterative value to the business.​

How can data help
companies drive and accelerate growth?

By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.

faster decisions
Faster, forward looking decisions
revenue building
Revenue building and cost saving asset​
organizational agility
Organizational agility​
drive differentiation strategy
Drive differentiation strategy​
catalyst for innovation
Catalyst for innovation​
digital and customer first
Digital-first, customer-first​

The Confiz experience

data driven methdology

Data-driven methodology​

With us on your side, your business strategists can confidently produce data-driven, repeatable, and AI-powered business outcomes.

industry certified data architects

Industry certified data architects​

Our certified team not only covers the whole data value journey with you but also focuses on governance, making it sustainable and scalable.​​

business acumen

Business acumen​

We work with some of the world's largest data producers, helping them unlock and realize latent possibilities. ​

Success story
Demand Planning Accelerated through Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging trained Artificial Intelligence (AI) modeling to streamline HR annual operations planning based on net sales forecasts for a Fortune 500 client.

Read more

Tools and technologies

to maximize value for your business


  • flume
  • sqoop
  • kafka connect
  • stitch
  • segment
  • fivetran
  • talend


  • hadoop file system
  • adls gen2
  • google cloud
  • redis
  • cosmos
  • hbase
  • cassandra
  • google bigbite
  • mongo db
  • firebase
  • neow
  • titan cloud
  • janus graph
  • hive
  • sql dw
  • google big query


  • apache
  • spark
  • storm
  • kafka

Artificial Intelligence and Visualization

  • juputer
  • microsoft R server
  • spark
  • tableau
  • locker
  • superset


  • atlas
  • talend
  • metaf
  • collibra


  • knox
  • rhino
  • sentry

Data Ecosystems

  • databricks
  • snowflake

Got more questions about Data Services?

Here's everything you need to know

What is big data analytics and how can it help businesses increase their revenues?

Big data analytics can be explained as the complex process of examining a combination of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data to discover market trends, correlations, hidden patterns, and customer preferences.

Using predictive analysis, big data analytics offer organizations customized suggestions and recommendations which allows them to launch new products per customer preferences and futuristic needs. This information can help businesses make informed decisions and growth strategies to increase their revenues.

What is the difference between business analytics and data analytics?

Both business analytics and data analytics is based on extracting insights from data to enhance business performance. Business analytics targets major business implications of data to evaluate actions that should benefit the business. These may include deciding whether a company should prioritize a distinct project or whether a business should launch a new product line to the target market. Essentially, business analytics can be described as a combination of data tools, skills and apps that enable an organization to improve the efficiency of core business functions such as customer service, sales, marketing, IT, etc.

Data analytics involves analyzing raw data for hidden trends and valuable insights. Businesses generate volumes of data concerning sales, logistics, market research, or transactions. Data analysts comb through datasets to find patterns, metrics, risks, opportunities, draw conclusions about hypotheses, and develop data-based insights to support business decisions.

How is big data changing the retail marketing analytics landscape?

Data Never Sleeps 6.0 says that nearly 1.7MB of data is being generated every second for every person on the Earth which has led the company to predict 180 zettabytes of data being consumed globally by 2025. This enormous amount of data is being fed into advanced analytics and machine learning solutions that give retailers the ability to foresee imminent customer actions.

Data scientists in the retail industry work diligently to uncover hidden trends, relationships, risks and opportunities. The derived insights allow retail businesses to understand customer demand, predict market trends, create omnichannel shopping experiences and make smarter pricing decisions. Statista forecasts worldwide revenues from the big data and business analytics market to increase from 168.8 billion in 2018 to a staggering 274.3 billion in 2022. That’s a 63% growth in just 4 years.

What is data ingestion stage in the data journey?

Data ingestion is the transfer of unstructured data from its point of origination to a system or medium where it can be stored for analysis and future access. If we talk about the architectural pattern of big data, then data ingestion becomes the first stage of the journey. It is also regarded as the beginning of Data Pipeline as this is the point where data is imported for immediate use. In some instances, data is streamed in real-time, but usually it is ingested in batches. In short, data ingestion can be referred to as the process of procuring data and adding it into the Data Processing system.

What is data visualization in business analytics?

The graphical representation of information and data is regarded as data visualization. The intelligent usage of visual elements such as graphs, charts, and maps, offer an accessible way for users to see and understand patterns, trends, and outliers in data. In the Big Data industry, data visualization technologies are key to evaluate information and execute data-driven decisions.

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