How to create a dashboard in Power BI? A step-by-step guide


Data is the lifeblood of organizations, driving informed decision-making, uncovering valuable insights, and enabling strategic growth. According to research, insufficient data quality results in an annual economic loss of approximately $3.1 trillion in the United States. This number highlights the importance of robust data for organizations. As a result, businesses rely on robust visualization tools […]

Microsoft Flow vs Microsoft Power Automate: Exploring the enhanced features and capabilities


As the digital workspace continues to evolve and advance, so does the software that powers it. Microsoft, a leading force in this digital transformation, has updated its well-known Microsoft Flow to the now-named Power Automate. Charting its journey throughout 2023, we’ve seen significant changes and enhancements made to better meet user needs and adapt to […]

How to improve your accounts receivable process through automation


Automating accounts receivable processes would allow your teams to effectively cut down the time spent on, and the costs associated with registering customers through lengthy email correspondence, distributing invoices manually, answering customer inquiries, and sending and tracking invoices. The time saved by the teams can then be used to concentrate on strategic goals and other […]

Expanding business reach with PowerApps Portals


Globally, businesses continue to find user-friendly ways to connect with their customers. However, developing infrastructure to enable seamless customer service is not easy due to numerous reasons. There are costs of hiring software developers coupled with the time they require to build the solutions. Then there are the user testing phases that need to be […]

Top benefits of Microsoft Power Apps every business should know about


As technology rapidly evolves, we see an increasing number of organizations automating business processes and opting for cloud-based software solutions. However, to achieve this goal, businesses must rely heavily on their IT teams to build customized software and develop apps according to the unique needs of different teams under different departments. The enormous demand this […]