Top benefits of Microsoft Power Apps every business should know about

November 22, 2021

As technology rapidly evolves, we see an increasing number of organizations automating business processes and opting for cloud-based software solutions. However, to achieve this goal, businesses must rely heavily on their IT teams to build customized software and develop apps according to the unique needs of different teams under different departments. The enormous demand this generates is unlikely to be tackled by the IT function in any organization. Resultantly, businesses are unable to get the most benefit from digitally transforming their processes.  

To lessen the dependency of business teams on the IT department, Microsoft Power Platform offers Power Apps, an intuitive platform through which teams can easily build custom business applications without any coding knowledge. The technology allows seamless integration of applications with existing business data banks including email, Microsoft Excel files, POS (Point of Sales) systems, CMS records, etc. to ensure a hassle-free no-code/low-code development process.  

Understanding Microsoft Power Apps through use cases

Field sales lead capturing

Empower sales teams through customized mobile applications to ease their lead capturing endeavors. Mobile apps can scan business cards on the go to gather instant data and save time of field sales representatives.  

Self-registration for events

Power Apps can be used to develop event registration apps which allow attendees to register and check-in using their mobile devices. The app will automatically collect signee information in the business database which can then be used to automate further correspondence.  

Expense reimbursement

Businesses can easily track and reimburse travel and other expenses by developing an app that allows employees to enter expense details and attach associated photographs. In a nutshell, Microsoft Power Apps allows organizations to swiftly build solutions to tackle inefficiencies in business processes.

Microsoft Power Apps benefits for businesses  

Mobile access

The apps developed using Microsoft Power Apps can give employees mobile access to business data which can be accessed through any mobile device connected to the internet. The modern business landscape is built on teams working remotely or from various locations. Mobile access to relevant business data, hence, becomes even more important as it reduces dependency on office space and allows employees to work remotely.  

No-code, low-code development

Power Apps sets itself apart from other similar app development platforms in the market by offering a no-code/low-code approach to app development. This approach allows professionals to develop applications which suit their business needs, with or without any technical experience. Another key benefit of Power Apps is that it allows people to deploy apps faster as compared to the traditional app development methods.

A recent study by Forrester highlighted that applications developed using Microsoft PowerApps cost 70% less than other methods of app development.

Automate business processes

Microsoft Power Apps not only allows businesses to develop no-code/low-code applications, but it further supports them by automating functions and processes without manual intervention. Organizations can automate recurring tasks such as sending company information, updates and news to all employees and customers using Power Automate. Automating tasks not only gives employees ample time to focus on growth-oriented tasks, but it further helps businesses save significant costs by cutting down time spent on repetitive tasks.


Businesses usually think they have two options on the table when it comes to app development, i.e., in-house development or outsourcing. Both these options can be expensive and time-consuming. However, there is now a third option available; building applications through Microsoft Power Apps. Businesses can control their app development costs using this platform and benefit from easy deployment. Companies investing in Power Apps have successfully shifted their operations budget to marketing and other growth opportunities.  

Ending words

Microsoft Power Apps empowers business employees who do not have to overly depend on the IT function to develop applications for them. Considering the ease with which low-code/no-code applications can be developed without prior IT knowledge; businesses should leverage this platform to quickly boost operations and save costs.