Next-gen retail: Migrate to Store Commerce without uninstalling or re-activating MPOS devices

January 4, 2024

The retail sector is undergoing a substantial transformation, influenced by changing customer shopping behaviors driven by factors such as inflation, artificial intelligence, and trends like social commerce. 

For retailers, maintaining a competitive edge and delivering a seamless shopping experience is paramount. Microsoft has introduced the Dynamics 365 Commerce Store Commerce app – an innovative solution designed for the next generation of physical stores, replacing the Modern Point of Sale and other hybrid retail apps. 

Store Commerce takes a significant step by consolidating Modern Point of Sale (MPOS) and Cloud Point of Sale (CPOS) into a unified application. This integration not only enhances application lifecycle management and performance but also preserves all the features of MPOS and Store Commerce for web, ensuring extensibility. 

Are you prepared for migrating to the Store Commerce app? 

Store Commerce, with its rich features catering to cashiers, sales associates, stock clerks, inventory associates, store managers, and other frontline workers, has revolutionized retail operations. Key areas significantly impacted by this technology include cash-and-carry transactions, customer engagement, order processing/fulfillment, inventory management, and reporting. 

Ready to make the transition from MPOS to Store Commerce? Change can be daunting, especially when it involves uninstalling and then reactivating your MPOS devices, potentially putting your retail operations on hold. 

No need to worry. With Confiz’s carefully curated process, migrating to Store Commerce app D365 has never been easier 

Migrating without the hassle of uninstalling or reactivating your MPOS devices 

The process of migrating to the Store Commerce app with the latest version of Dynamics 365 Commerce 10.0.32 may sound complex. However, it doesn’t have to be. With Microsoft’s streamlined migration process, there’s no need to manually uninstall your MPOS devices or navigate the complexities of reactivation. 

To avoid disrupting your operations, all you have to do is specify the ‘InPlaceUpgradeFromModernPos’ parameter when migrating to the Store Commerce app. This command will trigger the Store Commerce installer to migrate the existing Modern POS Device Token and Device-Id from the MPOS Application Data for each installed MPOS package and user. 

Migration steps: 

  • Complete the recall and void of all suspended transactions in your MPOS. 
  • Ensure that all MPOS shifts are closed. 
  • Sign out of all MPOS devices. 
  • Verify the completion of all synchronization-related jobs before the migration and post all statements. 
  • Create and/or update devices in HQ. 
  • Install the Store Commerce app and then proceed to install the Store Commerce extensions. 

Understanding the parameters for migration  

Here is a brief overview of key parameters that we use to simplify the transition and remove the hassle of uninstalling and reinstallation.  


This parameter is used to initiate the update from an existing Modern POS Device. 


This parameter is used when you want to skip the process of uninstalling your MPOS after upgrading to Store Commerce and completing the device token capture process from MPOS. 


This parameter is used when you want to skip the standard validations that are normally run before performing the device token capture from MPOS. It is recommended to use it for test environments only. 

Step into the future of retail with Confiz  

Now is the right time to migrate from MPOS to Store Commerce and modernize your retail operations. Allow Confiz to guide you through this transformation, leveraging our extensive expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and Store Commerce to tailor an optimized migration strategy for your business. Benefit from our proven success in seamlessly migrating POS systems for retail businesses of all sizes. 

If you are prepared to upgrade to an intuitive and smart Store Commerce solution, reach out to us at for an elevated retail experience.