Driving sales productivity with next-gen AI: A closer look at Microsoft Copilot for Sales

February 13, 2024

With Artificial Intelligence disrupting every other field, the sales industry is another one to be touched by its impact. A report by HubSpot says that 78% of sales professionals believe AI can significantly enhance efficiency.

Further reinforcing this notion, research by Gartner suggests that to drive positive sales outcomes, sellers should leverage AI-powered technologies like generative AI, digital humans, and emotion AI. Sales professionals can concentrate on core selling activities by delegating certain tasks to AI. This approach allows them to excel in engaging with buyers on a personal level, understanding their needs, and guiding them toward making informed purchases.

Microsoft is at the forefront of this AI-driven revolution, committed to helping organizations improve their operations through enterprise-grade AI capabilities. One such initiative is Microsoft Copilot for Sales, which is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 applications and popular customer relationship management systems (CRMs). By harnessing the power of Generative AI capabilities, Copilot empowers sales professionals to optimize their performance and drive greater success.

This blog introduces you to Copilot for sales, its features, and how it empowers sales teams to do more with less.

What is Copilot for Sales?

Copilot for Sales is an AI-powered assistant tailored for sales teams, aimed at enhancing productivity and helping them close more sales. It builds on Copilot for Microsoft 365, seamlessly integrating it with CRM platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, providing sales-specific insights and recommendations directly within apps like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Word. Additionally, it can also be configured to connect with other sales solutions.

  • Copilot for Sales provides the following benefits to sellers and sales managers:
  • Craft sales meeting preparation briefs within Word.
  • Summarize emails and present pertinent buying intent and BANT (budget, authority, need, timing) analysis in Outlook.
  • Generate emails in Outlook containing relevant product, account, relationship, and opportunity details sourced from the CRM in use and Microsoft Graph.
  • Add leads and update CRM records directly from Outlook.
  • Access meeting preparation notes and real-time sales insights during while on Teams calls.
  • View sales meeting summaries in Teams featuring conversation analysis, sales keywords, KPIs, and suggested tasks.
  • Set up collaborative deal rooms in Teams that synchronize with CRM data.

Catch up on Micorosft Coploit for Service here.

A deep dive into the features and capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for Sales

Early adopters of Copilot for Sales have already witnessed positive impacts within their sales organizations, exploring Copilot for Sales functionalities like updating Dynamics 365 Sales records from Outlook, summarizing email threads, drafting emails, and extracting meeting summaries with conversation intelligence. Using AI in sales, these organizations are demonstrating client engagement while enhancing productivity.

Let’s explore three main capabilities of Copilot for Sales that help businesses achieve sales excellence.

Enhance productivity

Copilot for Sales empowers your sales team to accomplish more with less effort. Leveraging AI-driven features such as automated email drafting and meeting schedule, it enhances efficiency by seamlessly integrating with Outlook and leveraging data from your CRM platform and Microsoft Graph.

Moreover, creating AI-generated email and meeting summaries directly within Outlook and Microsoft Teams, and then saving them to your CRM platform, significantly saves time. Additionally, Copilot for Sales assists your sales team in creating pitch decks, meeting preparation briefs, and data visualizations in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, allowing them to focus on their core responsibility of selling.

Personalize customer interactions

At the heart of the sales process lies strengthening customer relationships. Leveraging AI-generated insights and recommendations, sales teams can personalize their interactions to strengthen customer relationships. With Copilot for Sales, you can proactively prepare for meetings by generating past meeting notes, emails, opportunity summaries, and relevant content in Outlook and Teams. During Teams calls, access AI-generated sales tips, pertinent information, and answers to customer queries. Additionally, you can receive AI-generated meeting summaries featuring keyword and conversation analysis, competitor mentions, KPIs, and suggested tasks.

Streamline workflows using AI

Copilot for Sales offers seamless information sharing between Microsoft 365 apps and your chosen CRM platform, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Sales can enhance collaboration by sharing opportunities, leads, and account information from your CRM platform as contact cards in Teams. Additionally, sales representatives can leverage AI-powered deal rooms in Teams that automatically sync with data and files from the CRM platform, providing valuable sales insights and recommendations for strategic decision-making.

How much does Microsoft Copilot for Sales cost?

Microsoft Copilot for Sales is available at the cost of $50 per user/month. If you already have Copilot for Microsoft 365, you have the option to acquire Copilot for Sales for an extra $20 per user/month. Dynamics 365 Sales Premium customers must pay $30 per user per month for Copilot for Microsoft 365 to get the full Microsoft Copilot for Sales experience.

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