Empowering contact centers through Gen AI: A closer look at Copilot for Service  

February 9, 2024

Most organizations struggle with siloed data. Their knowledge is distributed across disparate data, and we are not just talking about organizational data but customer data as well. From customer records to case histories, this data is stored on more than one or multiple systems. Additionally, the information is scattered across knowledge base articles, offline documents, public websites, and more.

Agents, therefore, must juggle through tasks and navigate multiple applications to access critical insights and then handle the task of engaging with customers. A study by Gartner says that 42 percent of customer service representatives have reported being overwhelmed by using multiple tools and systems to complete their work.

Microsoft has acknowledged this problem and introduced Copilot for Service, which leverages Generative AI in customer service to empower the customer service staff and boost their productivity by minimizing the need to use multiple tools.

This blog introduces you to Copilot for Service, offering valuable insights into its features, impact on workflow efficiency, and pricing details, helping you embark on the journey of modernization seamlessly.

Introducing Microsoft Copilot for Service

Copilot for Service is designed to help organizations deliver exceptional service experiences by utilizing Generative AI in their contact centers. By synthesizing data from the organization’s trusted knowledge sources, it enhances agent productivity and efficiency. It does so by accelerating tasks such as onboarding and case resolution, enhancing efficiency, and automating agent tasks within the workflow.

Microsoft Copilot for Service seamlessly integrates with existing data sources, allowing organizations to use generative AI to enable intelligent conversations across knowledge bases. Agents can easily access this knowledge through a copilot embedded directly in their preferred desktop software, including Salesforce, Outlook, and Teams.

Copilot for Service can help organizations in the following ways:

  • Facilitate generative AI-powered conversations across all data sources through simplified point-and-click access to public websites, SharePoint, knowledge base articles, and offline documents.
  • Access knowledge repositories through pre-built integrations with platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.
  • Embed a copilot directly into agent desktops via Salesforce and other communication channels, thereby providing support to agents within their preferred work environments.

Features of Copilot for Service: How can it transform the service experience?

Copilot for Service enables you to modernize your contact center. It also includes Microsoft 365 Copilot, empowering your contact center with Generative AI, enhancing agent productivity, improving collaboration, and elevating the overall customer service experience.

Discover how Copilot can enhance agent productivity and expand the capabilities of your contact center:

Access data from anywhere without expensive developments

With Copilot for Service, you can tap into your customer data no matter where it’s stored, including your contact center system CRM and other sources.

You can quickly unlock generative AI-powered conversations across all their data sources, including public websites, SharePoint, knowledge base articles, and offline files, without the need for expensive development or replacing your existing system. Copilot for Service reduces production time, thanks to out-of-the-box integrations for Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.

Enhance agent productivity and improve their flow of work

Copilot for Service streamlines agent onboarding, expedites case resolution, and automates tasks, allowing agents to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Accessible via the agent’s preferred desktop or integrated with Teams, agents can effortlessly ask a question from Copilot in natural language to get relevant answers drawn from existing contact center knowledge. This can significantly contribute to enhancing agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Using Copilot for Microsoft 365, organizations can enjoy broader productivity enhancements across daily tools like Outlook and Teams. For instance, Copilot enables agents to catch up with their emails in Outlook by producing summaries and draft emails, expediting customer responses. In Teams, agents can stay informed about customer meetings or discussions by accessing AI-powered meeting recaps summarizing key points, sentiment analysis, and action items. Additionally, agents can leverage Copilot to retrieve real-time account and case information from their CRM systems.

Create a solution tailored to your contact center needs

Copilot for Service offers seamless extensibility through Microsoft Copilot Studio, allowing users to incorporate additional topics, automate actions and workflows, and further customize the solution to meet their unique needs. Moreover, Copilot for Service can be easily integrated with other systems using over 1,100 pre-built and custom connectors, eliminating the requirement for costly IT integration efforts.

Explore the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot Studio here.

How much does Copilot for Service cost?

Microsoft Copilot for Service is priced at $50.00 per user per month for the annual package. This also includes Copilot for Microsoft 365, enabling seamless integration with Teams and other Microsoft 365 applications. For existing Copilot for Microsoft 365 license holders, Copilot for Service is available at $20 per user per month. To use Copilot for Service, you will need a product license for Microsoft 365 E3 or E5, Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Premium, or Office E3 or E5.

Ready to transform your contact center through Generative AI?

Since customers expect fast and personalized service at every touchpoint, agents seeking to resolve customer issues must have access to the right data at the right time. By using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Copilot for Service, you can empower your call center and support service agents to resolve cases faster than before and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

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