Customer experience redefined: The dawn of Generative AI in Dynamics 365 release wave 2

January 10, 2024

Generative AI stands at the forefront of transformative advancements, empowering businesses worldwide with heightened efficiency, innovation, and expanded capabilities. According to Gartner’s projections, a significant shift is anticipated by 2024, with 40% of enterprise applications integrating embedded conversational AI. The global market for AI, inclusive of Generative AI, is on track to reach an impressive $267 billion by 2027, underscoring its growing significance in various sectors. Furthermore, in a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, 56% of executives attested to the productivity improvements brought about by AI technologies within their organizations. These statistical insights highlight the accelerating impact and widespread adoption of Generative AI across diverse industries. 

Within business applications, Generative AI is breaking down silos and bridging the gaps between data insights and people. This transformation enables sellers, marketers, and customer experience professionals to deliver exceptional experiences throughout the entire customer journey. 

With the Dynamics 365 release wave 2, Microsoft is taking the capabilities of Generative AI to new heights within applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Sales Copilot, and Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights

Empowered by Generative AI and Copilot, you can now harness hidden data and insights and unlock capabilities that were once beyond reach. The integration of Generative AI in Dynamics 365 results in substantial growth, elevating productivity and collaboration to new heights. Positioned as a catalyst, it not only delivers exceptional value but also paves the way for scalable growth across all business functions 

Many of these capabilities are already accessible today, with the assurance that all will be generally available or in preview before April 2024. Let’s delve into some of these capabilities:  

Uncover hidden data and insights  

The foundation of understanding your customers lies in data. However, incomplete or inaccessible data diminishes its value and the insights derived from it.    

The forthcoming AI-driven features in this release wave promise to redefine your customer experiences. With Copilot’s support, marketers, data analysts, and CX professionals can swiftly unlock data to enhance decision-making, acquire valuable insights into customer demographics and behaviors, and streamline journey orchestration and content creation processes for enriched customer experiences. 

In Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Copilot acts as your guide, harmonizing disparate data sources to create a comprehensive 360-degree view of each customer. It automatically evaluates incoming data, suggesting improvements to enhance quality, ultimately providing a more holistic perspective and deeper insights into each customer. 

For sales professionals to optimize conversions or deal closures, it is crucial for them to allocate their time efficiently towards leads and contacts with the highest likelihood of conversion. Achieving this clarity requires analyzing an expanding array of customer touchpoint signals, often beyond the sellers’ reach or available time for in-depth analysis, such as website visits or store visits. This is where the synergistic capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Sales prove invaluable. While sellers engage with their leads, AI in Dynamics 365 Sales automatically condenses lead details, status, recent activities, along with profile summaries from Customer Insights – Data. Integrating sales data with critical intent signals provides sellers with a comprehensive view of their customers, enabling them to customize each interaction seamlessly within their workflow. 

Unlock capabilities previously out of reach 

Copilot brings a myriad of advantages to the table, unlocking capabilities that were once inaccessible across various organizational roles. An exemplary feature, “Dialog with Data” within Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, empowers marketers and CX professionals to glean insights and pinpoint target audiences effortlessly through straightforward inquiries, eliminating the need for data experts. 

Furthermore, Copilot revolutionizes the process of crafting customer journeys. Marketers can articulate their desired journey using everyday language, and Copilot instantaneously translates it into a comprehensive design, providing insights on segments, trigger-based actions, communication timing, branching options, and more. Notably, the suggested journey is editable, allowing marketers the flexibility to make real-time adjustments by simply instructing Copilot. 

Creating marketing content can often be hindered by bottlenecks such as a lack of creative resources, time constraints, or budgetary limitations. Unfortunately, these obstacles can prevent many promising campaigns from materializing. However, with Copilot’s assistance, marketers and CX professionals can now effortlessly generate highly appealing content without encountering these roadblocks. Copilot features like content ideas and content rewrite empower professionals to create or refresh emails, forms, and more. Additionally, to ensure brand consistency, Style Assist automatically applies colors, fonts, and styles based on a web URL and brand profiles, fostering a unified brand identity. 

Furthermore, to streamline both understanding customers through data and acting on insights derived from that data, Microsoft has seamlessly integrated Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights into a unified offering, aptly named “Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. 

Reach new levels of productivity and collaboration 

In an era where customer expectations are escalating, and customer loyalty is paramount, sellers and marketers must elevate their performance. By integrating Copilot into their existing tools—be it Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, or Outlook—Microsoft’s solutions empower them to revolutionize their day-to-day operations and enhance their productivity significantly. 

Sales Copilot capabilities within Outlook furnish sellers with insights and opportunity summaries, eliminating the need to navigate multiple applications for a comprehensive view of an opportunity or meeting preparation. These summaries are conveniently accessible in collaborative deal rooms, ensuring collective visibility. 

For seamless collaboration within sales teams, Sales Copilot in Teams offers AI-powered planner tasks, streamlining task assignments, setting due dates, and maintaining transparent communication. During presentations, the team receives real-time tips and suggestions within the Teams meeting, empowering them to lead discussions effectively. 

With Copilot integrated into Dynamics 365 Sales, sellers no longer need to navigate through various tabs and sections. Now, essential information is readily available at their fingertips, including AI-generated account summaries and the ability to promptly follow up on emails using recommended actions. 

With these enhancements, Microsoft wants to empower sellers with timely and relevant information in real-time, enabling them to maximize every interaction with a customer. All this information is seamlessly integrated into their workflow, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. 

Chart your course of innovation through Generative AI with Confiz  

These Microsoft Dynamics 365 enhancements are all set to open new avenues for AI-driven efficiency. By placing Generative AI at the forefront, Dynamics 365 users can empower their sales and marketing teams to redefine customer experiences, unlocking untapped business value. 

To stay ahead of the competition, our certified D365 consultants can guide you through the groundbreaking updates, uncover Dynamics 365 wave 2 release details, and seamlessly integrate these transformative capabilities into your organization. For any inquiries or assistance, reach out to us at and propel your business into the future of AI-driven success.