Powerful automation and workflows for Supply Chain

Build a resilient supply chain and create a valuable customer experience through Microsoft Power Platform.

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Adopt a workflow-driven approach for an agile Supply Chain

Automate your Supply Chain function to eliminate error-prone repetitive tasks for a smoother planning, sourcing, manufacturing and delivering process.

Through Microsoft Power Platform, Supply Chain leaders can ensure a seamless, hassle-free ordering experience, improve cash flows by improving warehouse management and use low-code technology to make optimal decisions and create a win-win situation for both the customers and the business.

  • Grow revenue by optimizing inventory levels and cutting unnecessary storage costs
  • Enhance brand loyalty through a responsive ordering process and competitive customer service
  • Eliminate manual process management to avoid costly inventory and order fulfillment issues
  • Save costly employee hours spent on repetitive, unfulfilling tasks and, instead focus on growth-enhancing opportunities
  • Ensure prompt action on supply chain related issues to prevent bottlenecks and delayed problem resolution
  • Evaluate efficiency and leverage artificial intelligence to predict future supply chain needs

CSCOs are kick-starting their journey to the next operating model

Success framework

Human augmentation

After 2030, most supply chain activities are expected to become fully autonomous. Supply chain leaders can leverage the time saved to focus on growth-driven strategies.

unified commerce

Strategic leadership

64% of supply chain leaders observe that digital transformation for their organization is accelerating to meet the demand for supply chain agility and responsiveness.

Predictive planning

73% of supply chain organizations are investing in AI-enabled planning technology and advanced robotics to support insights about future risks and opportunities.

Attain speed, quality, and reliability

Take your supply chain planning capability to the next level of maturity with completeness, timeliness, and customer satisfaction.

Take the first step to Supply Chain automation through key use cases

inventory management

Inventory management

Optimize your inventory level to prevent unnecessary holding and depreciation costs, and at the same time also eliminate the risk of stock-outs. Through inventory management automation, thousands of items can be tracked in real-time and updates on availability are automatically sent to sales channels, without any need of manual stock takes. AI technology can be used to deduce optimal inventory levels for all categories and once the stock falls below a critical value, automated alerts are triggered for replenishment.

Order management

Supply chain teams can use automation to receive, verify and record customer orders digitally so that packing and dispatching can be started right away and timely delivery of products can be achieved. Customer details and order history is automatically updated, hence empowering customers through transparency and sellers through demand forecasting. Faster shipping times, streamlined order tracking, and enhanced order accuracy, free from human errors creates a lasting impression in the mind of satisfied customers.

order management

The Confiz experience


Teams and trainings

Our teams of dedicated technology professionals are not just equipped with technical and industry knowledge but also leverage their experience and trainings to constantly engage with the customers to enable opportunities for growth, innovation and evolution. 

mid growth

Advisory and support

Our dedicated account executives working closely with each customer help us achieve our target to go beyond mere implementation of a much-needed solution. With our role as monitors, advisors and trainers, we promote a culture of change. 


Compliance and governance

Keeping up with modern technology and industry standards, we work with non-invasive technology built in compliance with the existing IT infrastructure to minimize disruptions to IT architecture and governance systems.

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