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Power Platform Finance

Powerful automations and workflows for Finance

Build operational efficiency and unlock financial success

In the age of rapid finance digitization, success hinges on speed, efficiency, and cost optimization. With Microsoft Power Platform, Confiz empowers your team to eliminate daily redundancy, transitioning to strategic, streamlined processes via powerful applications and automated workflows. 

Experience up to 70% drop in data entry costs

Double-digit reduction in error rates

Get insights from disparate financial programs in a core knowledge hub

Faster turnaround on time sensitive financial reporting

Digital Finance

Digitize your workflows across all finance functions

We pave the way for bringing smart ideas to life by leveraging future-ready solutions, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment. 

Fast-track digital finance with futuristic goals

Rapid Digitization

69% of business leaders are signaling a hyper-growth of digitization initiatives to enable enterprise ambitions. 

Evolving Finance Technology

Less than 1/3rd of CFOs have confidence that the present technology can help with their organization’s future success. 

Augmented Analytics

By 2023, augmented data management is expected to free up to 20% of Finance Analysts’ time. 

Finance automation

Start your finance automation journey through key use cases

Automated invoicing workflows

Automatically process large volumes of vendor invoices irrespective of their format everyday and drastically cut down on employee hours spent on manual data entry.Invoices received via emails or scans are automatically extracted, entered and stored with negligible time spent and costly human errors. Finance professionals can then receive notifications, expedite approvals, request for missing information, provide updates to suppliers and overall achieve a quicker turnaround.

Financial planning and analysis

Save time on data collection, reduce errors, and focus on high-value analytical tasks by collecting data hosted on multiple applications and integrating it all in one place. Automated workflows consolidate, clean and validate data to generate standardized financial reports and update departmental KPIs in real-time.

The Confiz Experience

Teams and trainings

Our dedicated team of technology experts combine industry knowledge, experience, and ongoing training to foster growth, innovation, and evolution.”

Advisory and support

Our dedicated account executives go beyond implementation, serving as monitors, advisors, and trainers to drive a culture of change in your organization. 

Compliance and governance

We align with modern technology and industry standards, using non-invasive solutions compliant with existing IT infrastructure to minimize disruptions. 

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